Collaboration in the New Normal

With its employees forced to work from home, Regeneron needs to ensure that their entire landscape is kept secure against threats.


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Microsoft 365 Teams Direct Routing and Teams Conferencing.



Resilient Regeneron

There may be no words used to describe the impact brought by the novel coronavirus. Ironically, even a company that formulates a cure for serious illnesses can have its operations be affected. Regeneration Pharmaceuticals leads the medical industry by utilizing its homegrown technologies to discover, develop, research, and deliver medicines for people with serious diseases. Eye diseases, cancer, allergic and inflammatory diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, pain, and infectious diseases are some of the conditions targeted by these medicines and pipelines created.  

With most of its employees working from home due to the restriction mandated by the state, Regeneron needs to show resilience by adopting to even the most favorable situations. With more tasks at hand, communication amidst different locations, devices, and time zones.

Making it possible

Giving you a conducive platform for your productivity needs is what ECF Data is for. For 10 years, ECF has been helping companies make their lives easier, assisting them with their challenges, and providing support even post-deployment.


An all-in-one solution

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals partnered with ECF Data for their pressing matters. The need for a standardized and simple solution to permit each department and office to collaborate on different devices was prioritized. A three-stepped strategy was recommended by ECF to complete the entire process: Envision, Onboard, and Drive Value. This approach was tailor-fitted according to Regeneron’s needs.

Included in the tasks concentrates on the goal of delivering a reliable, scalable, and most importantly, secure platform. Lance Peet, Director IT Service Delivery Manager of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said that “Getting on-board with Microsoft 365 Business Voice did not require much thinking. Being a trusted name in the industry, the only question that we only had was, why only now? Partnering with ECF Data in implementing this was a breeze because they understood our needs and walked us through the solution.”   

Regeneron’s products are beyond simple. Because of its impact on the people of those who are sick, the formulation of each product undergoes tedious processes, from the pre-clinical development to be available in the market. Albeit armed with the necessary equipment, top-level staff, and years of scientific experience, crafting the coronavirus treatment and vaccine during a pandemic can be quite tasking.  

The lockdown restrictions translated to certain limitations for Regeneron’s usual operations. Moreover, shifting to a remote environment impedes certain functions, most especially with communication. Peet stated that “Working remotely is not a strange concept but for Regeneron, having something specific for our organization’s needs permits us to be fully functional despite being at home.” 

The future is bright for Regeneron

In a couple of months, the different departments and employees were able to improve their communication channels without interrupting the flow of the business.  

“Even though there’s no date yet as to when this pandemic end, Regeneron was able to arm itself and thrive despite the situation,” Peet concluded. “The only step for us currently is to move forward and contribute to the end of the virus.”  


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