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Secure Communication & Collaboration with more flexibility and productivity

Work with Microsoft Modern Workspace to enhance your team's productivity and collaboration


Secure Remote Work and IP

Empowering a remote workforce requires more than just providing a VPN connection, we offer a wide variety of solutions for the modern workplace. ECF Data help your organization securely enable your remote workforce by delivering a seamless work experience.

Simplify Mergers and Acquisitions

Break down barriers between internal entities, subsidiaries, joint ventures and other partnerships.. Working with ECF Data, your company will be able to focus on velocity and efficiencies while our experts implement and manage data migration.


Reduce Cost and Manage Risk

Plan ahead and save by rightsizing your software licenses. Rather than using a ramshackle assortment of third-party tools to meet diverse needs across business units, utilize Microsoft’s cloud-native solutions for additional cost savings.

ECF Data Offers Security Solutions for a Modern Workplace

In this new world where we are working from anywhere, anytime we offer our security solutions which protect the modern day worker, keeping your employees and data safe.

Remote Desktop Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a VPN, Remote Desktop Solution or Virtual Desktop, our engineers are experts in setting up all three for you.

Endpoint Security Management

Gain the ability to detect, remove remediate and roll back features to endpoints to help prevent and recover from outside threats.

Phishing Attack Simulator

During times of crisis, we see malicious attacks increase, and organizations, now with more remote workers, are more vulnerable than ever.

Get Flexible, Engaged & Productive Modern Workplace Solutions Today!

ECF Data leads companies towards outright digital transformation through modern workplace solutions and our specialists help foster a modern culture of work by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower employees to collaborate smarter, innovate together, and achieve better in the digital workplace. Join hands to provide a reliable and secure workplace, unlock creativity, transform business, and empower employees to be highly creative and productive.

Not sure where to start to get the right collaboration tools you need? You are in the right place. Let’s discuss how Microsoft Modern Workplace can bring new value to your organization.
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