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Cloud Computing Services


App Service

Develop enterprise-ready mobile and web apps using the most reliable cloud infrastructure to boost your performance, productivity, and security.


Azure CycleCloud

Manage high performance computing environment on Azure. Run job efficiently using secure & scalable way to manage compute & storage resource.


Azure Quantum

Optimize solution into single marketplace using innovative quantum computing. It's a full-stack cloud service use to solve optimization problems in cloud.


Azure Spot Virtual Machines

Pay-as you-go to run virtual machine in Azure. Gain scalability while reducing costs for your interrupted workloads.

Azure Spring Apps

Go hassle free with fully managed services for Spring boot apps. Now application in cloud is quick, safe, easy to deploy and operate.

Azure VMware Solution

Boost your productivity with elasticity, scale, and fast provisioning cycles by moving your VMware workloads to Azure.

Azure Batch

Get cloud-scale job scheduling & compute management with consistent management experience & job scheduling. Go hassle-free & run large scale applications efficiently with Batch.


Cloud Services

Make your application scalable, reliable, inexpensive with Azure Cloud Services. Boost productivity, multilayered security at pay for what you use module.


Linux virtual machines in Azure

Create and deploy enterprise-grade open-source and community-driven software in seconds at an inexpensive rates.


SQL Server on Azure VM

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and get free, built-in security and automated management

Static Web Apps

Accelerate your app development with managed global availability for static content hosting and dynamic scale for integrated serverless APIs.

VM Scale Sets

Create and manage a group of load balanced VMs. Increase or decrease VMs automatically in response to demand or based on schedule.


Virtual Machines

Migrate your business- and mission-critical workloads to Azure infrastructure and improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost.


Azure Virtual Desktop

Get a secured remote desktop, anytime anywhere at reduced rates using existing licenses.

Azure Dedicated Host

Get a dedicated physical server for your organization that hosts one or more Azure Virtual Machines.


Azure VM Image Builder

Create custom images using fast and easy-to-use tool that simplify your VM image building process.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Innovate, deploy, and operate Kubernetes seamlessly, Interoperate with Azure security, identity, cost management, and migration services.


Azure Functions

Develop more efficiently with an event-driven, serverless compute platform that helps solve complex orchestration problems. Accelerate and simplify serverless application development.

Container Instances

Develop apps fast without managing virtual machines or learning new tools. Deploy containers to the cloud with simplicity and speed.


Azure Service Fabric

Get a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers.

Why Azure Compute Services?

Azure compute services enables your business undergo Digital transformation . It provides a wide range of reliable and cost-effective cloud products and services that can be built and customize using any tool, framework or language, hosted on Microsoft data centers on a global level.

Availability & Security

Microsoft Azure Services enable you perform your business tasks 24/7 anytime from anywhere. It also provides you the best data security and integrity across the cloud.

Flexibility & Cost-effective

Now you can forecast your business costs to get optimized results. Azure Cloud service offer multiple flexible pay-as-you-go packages with different storage options
Focus on what is more valuable!

Smart, Digitalize and Accelerate your business growth with Microsoft Azure Computing Services

ECF Data provides Microsoft Azure cloud computing services that offer rapid deployments at the forefront of Azure IaaS Services and Azure PaaS Services. Azure offers strong Hybrid Cloud capability, free extended security updates, and your preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure. Enhance your business in an Agile Way, build on your terms, deploy where you want to, and be future-ready.

  • Modernize existing applications
  • Integrate applications and data across multiple clouds
  • Build and scale cloud native applications
  • Accelerate your journey to artificial intelligence

ECF Data as a Microsoft Azure Compute service provider in USA

ECF Data is a Microsoft Gold Partner and value-added reseller providing services to the various customers all across the Globe. ECF Data as Microsoft Azure partners with a team of professional industry experts and Microsoft certified trainers will let you implement Microsoft Cloud storage like Azure’s products and services with its full capabilities to provide cloud-computing services, optimize business resources and save cost.

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