Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Services

Improve security and compliance in Microsoft 365 with cloud-based solution for email security, archiving, compliance and data protection Talk to Our Experts
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Microsoft 365 Security Benefits

Secure Collaboration

Enforces real-time external sharing policies based on domain whitelist/blacklist and content and educates users on acceptable collaboration policies


Multi-Tier Remediation

Provides coach user, notify administrator, block, apply rights management, quarantine, tombstone, and delete options and enables tiered response based on severity.


User Behavior Analytics

Automatically builds a self-learning model based on multiple algorithm and identifies patterns of activity indicative of a malicious or negligent insider threat.

Next-level protection and compliance for Microsoft 365

ECF Data offers you secured Microsoft 365 with best collaboration tools with world-class security and compliance. We combat email threats, protect your data, modernize compliance and archiving.

Better Defense

We offer integrated email, cloud and employee awareness security solutions to help you identify, block and resolve Microsoft 365 threats.

Complete Data Protection

We organize your Microsoft 365 data loss prevention around people, and gives you visibility into data loss risk..

Conquer compliance

ECF Data helps you meet compliance requirements with ease. Manage the cost and complexity of staying in compliance at scale and gain greater insight into archived data.

ECF Data Offers Best Office 365 Security Without Added Complexity

ECF Data offers a cloud-based solution for email security, archiving, compliance and data protection that bolsters and augments security and compliance in Office 365. As a SaaS-based service, we can be implemented quickly and easily, seamlessly integrating with the Microsoft platform to provide immediate improvements in security and compliance. Our Migration Services provide easy migration to Office 365, helping to eliminate the risk of service disruptions, reduce the time and effort needed to migrate mailboxes, and consistently enforce policies for security and compliance in Office 365 across staged or hybrid environments. For more details Talk to our Experts Today!
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