Microsoft 365 Training

Master Microsoft 365: Elevate Your Productivity with Expert Training
Avoid costly, lengthy, useless employee training program

Microsoft 365 Training customized just for you by the Microsoft Certified Trainers


Accelerate Digital Adoption

Cut down the learning period of Microsoft 365 adoption by easy and cost-effective training courses. Our training programs help you to accelerate Office 365 & Dynamics 365 onboarding. We also help our users to learn tasks and solve problems.

Enhance Productivity

Your employees spend plenty of hours searching for answers or logging IT requests. We help you save the precious time of your employees by reducing service requests and learn new features to work smarter across the full suite of Microsoft 365.


Empower Your Employees

We communicate well to give your employees a hustle-free environment. Now no more frustration, confusion, and logged support tickets. We empower your employees by providing information, training, and adoption so that they can get the best of Microsoft 365.

Personalized Microsoft 365 Training and Adoption

Experience the benefits of Microsoft 365 like never before by empowering your users with interactive walkthroughs, pop-up videos, and customized training content.

On-demand custom training

We create targeted training content to fulfill your unique needs. We customize our content as per your organization's requirements, employee knowledge, and community demand.

Flexible Course Model

We provide provision learning where you can blend the courses as per demand and needs. Our Microsoft Certified Trainers are certified subject matter experts in the technology they teach.


We update our knowledge and content regularly so that we can keep your employees productive with the rising trends.
Invest right at right time on your employees

Why your employees need Microsoft 365 Training?

Microsoft 365 never gets old! It has always been up in the market trend, and to stay updated by beating the competition, the organizations need to understand their tools well. Microsoft 365 Adoption and Training helps you gain the full knowledge of your product and use it efficiently. The proper use of tools increases your employee’s productivity, and helps them to discover new skills by gaining in-depth knowledge of  Microsoft 365.

  • Realize the full use of available Microsoft 365 tools
  • Learning with Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT)
  • Continuous On-demand Training and Adoption program
  • Various methods of learning to blend your knowledge well

Hire Microsoft 365 Trainers Today!

ECF Data all instructors are Microsoft Certified Trainers, and beyond certification, we are astute communicators with in-depth technical knowledge. We identify the problem and help you find the end-to-end solution with our diverse industrial knowledge.

ECF Data helps you overcome any challenges and creates an absolute winning situation by minimizing the confusion and increasing user adoption. Contact Us today to grab a deal specially customized for your organization.
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