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Endpoint Asset Management: Elevate your Azure environment with enhanced security and novel service possibilities through Azure Lighthouse. ECF Data's Managed Services offer comprehensive coverage, powered by secure access and proactive monitoring, ensuring effortless resource management and unlimited off-site support for seamless operations.

Basic- All Needs Managed IT Plan

Boost efficiency and security with our Basic Managed IT Plan. Streamline your operations while enjoying seamless server and desktop management, robust firewall security, efficient network optimization, and organized storage array management for business growth.
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Software Inventory
  • Patch Management
  • Basic OS Support for Windows
  • Support Services (Asset & End User)
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • RMM Endpoint Agent Windows
  • More

Pro- All Needs Managed IT Plan

Boost efficiency and security with our Basic Managed IT Plan. Streamline your operations while enjoying seamless server and desktop management, robust firewall security, efficient network optimization, and organized storage array management for business growth.
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Unlimited Live Answer Services
  • Directory Services Management
  • M365 Application & Email Support
  • Security & Distribution Group Management
  • SPAM Filtering- User & System Administration
  • Remote Access Management & Incident Management Platform
  • Advanced Monthly Incident Reporting

Premier - Managed IT Services Plan

Elevate your technology management with our Premier Managed IT Plan, featuring unparalleled server and desktop management, advanced firewall protection, SD-WAN optimization, and innovative SASE management. Streamline your IT infrastructure, ensuring security and growth.
  • All Basic & Pro Features
  • Identity & Access Management/SSO
  • Endpoint Management Software (Intune, More+)
  • SaaS Workloads Other (Non Business Application & Email)
  • Printer and Scanner Management
  • Factory Reset
  • RMA & Backup Management
  • Advanced Reporting with Annual Assessments
Achieve your business goals more quickly by partnering with one of Nevada's highly regarded IT companies. Start your journey with Managed IT Services
Our service array includes network management, cloud setup and service, remote monitoring, data backup and recovery, and much more.
Our service array includes network management, cloud setup and service, remote monitoring, data backup and recovery, and much more.
Our service array includes network management, cloud setup and service, remote monitoring, data backup and recovery, and much more.
How Do we Do it?

Fast-track your IT Managed Services with our focused kickoff process

Monitoring IT infrastructure, receiving automated alerts, and generating tailored reports

Availability of a service portal and quick handling of incoming support requests

Choose between a ready-made information technology architecture or a personalized solution

Data center and network management

Adhering to the best practices in information security

Assured business continuity and seamless data recovery during emergencies without any downtime concerns.

Acting as your representative, negotiating and consulting with vendors and solutions providers on your behalf

Discover the Managed IT Services Partner that Propels Your Business to New Heights

ECF Data is a leading IT service provider that specializes in delivering comprehensive IT solutions built on Microsoft Cloud technologies. Leveraging business intelligence software, we transform this data into valuable insights that enhance your internal workflows and resonate with your customers.

Our IT Managed Services use automation and a strong grasp of industry and business requirements to make complicated tasks easier. Our approach makes IT easier:

  • Use our Solution Architect to translate and work through unnecessary jargon
  • Optimize and scale your processes
  • Reduce expenses through a comprehensive, strategic approach


At ECF Data, we deeply care about your business challenges. We treat your issues as our own, guaranteeing the best technical solutions for any scenario. Our all-inclusive support ensures your employees can work effortlessly and without disruptions, streamlining their workflow.


Move to a Secure Cloud-Based Modern Workplace with 4 Easy Steps

Technology keeps changing, and so should your IT strategy. ECF Data’s cloud-first approach to managed IT services means using the best cloud technologies. We aim to solve current business issues and make sure your IT investment stays effective in the long term.

Don't Settle for Ordinary IT: Team Up with the Ultimate Managed Service Provider for Extraordinary Results

At ECF Data's Managed IT Services, our primary focus is on our clients and their needs. We are committed to offering assistance and solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements, no matter how big or small. If you're interested in exploring how we can support your organization, we encourage you to contact us without delay. We provide a FREE personalized quotation to help initiate your journey towards benefiting from Managed IT Services. Contact Us, Your Ultimate Managed IT Service Partner!

Unveiling ECF Data's Unique Edge in Managed IT Services

ECF Data's Managed IT Services allow you to engage with a dedicated member of our team, guaranteeing personalized assistance. This approach avoids call centers or overseas support.
We initiate in-depth conversations about your business challenges, goals, and aspirations. From there, we create customized technology plans and systems that proactively bolster and drive your objectives forward.
ECF's scale enables us to foster meaningful and personalized client relationships. Additionally, our diverse team of technology experts empowers us to provide 24/7 support and quickly embrace emerging technologies.
Opt for ECF Data if you aim to modernize your company's IT with Cloud transformation. You'll have access to dedicated Microsoft 365 & Azure cloud experts for a fixed monthly fee. Our team includes skilled Microsoft engineers who can bring your cloud environment goals to life at any stage of your journey.
ECF Data possesses industry expertise in conducting assessments. Some of them relate to HIPAA, NIST 800, CMMC, and audits for banking and financial sectors.
Antivirus and firewalls are a thing of the past. Cybercriminals have become sophisticated that they easily bypass these outdated methods. ECF Data's cybersecurity services offer advanced skills in addressing today's threat environment. Whether you require help with continuous network security monitoring, Virtual CISO Services, or Penetration Testing, we seamlessly integrate with your team.
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Your Managed IT Services FAQs Answered

There's no set price for these service offerings. The variables listed below are some factors that affect the price of your Managed IT services.
• your company's size,
• the complexity of your IT issues,
• and the specific services necessary to address them.
ECF Data provides Managed IT Service packages customized to meet your specific needs. This ensures that you pay for the services you actually utilize. To receive a precise quote, arrange a free consultation with our team, enabling us to better grasp your needs.
Companies of all sizes can benefit for different sets of purposes.
Managed IT services for small businesses offer benefits including expert services like network management, data backup, and cybersecurity services. Small business owners can take advantage of this as they don't have huge manpower for challenges like this. When done correctly, it leads to cost savings through outsourcing and increased productivity due to access to the latest technology. Additionally, managed IT services enhance security with tools like antivirus software and firewalls, while providing scalability to accommodate business growth.
Larger corporations leverage MSPs to support their internal IT teams. They delegate routine tasks and free up resources for more substantial strategic initiatives. Additionally, businesses in need of continuous 24x7x365 monitoring and alerts often seek the assistance of an MSP for comprehensive coverage.
Generally, all businesses can benefit from these services. But some industries can benefit more than others from this.
Managed IT services for healthcare industry is crucial. Ensuring data protection is essential for improving patient care. Healthcare organizations could face significant losses and reputational damage from a potential data breach. Moreover, it potentially exposes sensitive patient details and may lead to violations of regulations like the HIPAA.
Similar to healthcare, financial companies need to prioritize safeguarding customer data from cyberattacks, especially as high-profile incidents increase. Prospective customers expect transparency regarding security measures for their financial information.
ECF offers Managed IT Services across different industries. Among them are healthcare, finance, retail, etc.
Attention Business Owners: Brace for Impact!
Windows Support is About to Expire, and a Staggering 200 Million Commercial Businesses are Riding on EXPIRED Software.
ECF Data acts as your IT team's extension. Managed IT Services can provide you the following benefits:
• It proves to be a cost-effective alternative to the in-house model.
• The provider boasts a high level of expertise.
• It allows for effortless adjustment of network options.
Keeping a system in-house may entail expenses such as purchasing hardware and software, system maintenance, and hiring specialized staff. However, outsourcing enables businesses to replace these costs with a budget-friendly monthly fee.
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