Easy 7 Step Guide for Dynamics 365 Mailbox Setup for Users!

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Today we are here with the solution to the most commonly asked question by many organizations: “How to Setup Dynamics 365 Mailbox for a User?”

The mailboxes in Dynamics 365 CE are one of the important components for tracking emails in D365 CRM and Outlook for sending emails, tracking emails, etc.

Prerequisites: The user who is setting up the mailboxes, should have Global Admin rights:-

  1. In order to setup mailbox, admin user needs to login inside D365 and go to Advance settings area. Click on down arrow next to the settings menu on top navigation bar and click on Email Configuration:

For clear vision please refer to below screenshot:

  1. Once you click on Email Configuration there will be multiple options to select on, now to setup the mailbox; Click on the “Mailboxes” menu on as marked in the screen:

  1. As Mailbox is open, you will be able to view Active Mailboxes of your organization, now to setup the user, the easiest way is to User can search for the username from top search bar, as marked below:

  1. Once the mailbox record is open, Admin user can verify the information in an order as shown in below screenshot:

  1. Once the fields are setup as shown in above screenshot, admin can select/click on “Approve Email” and then “Test and enable mailbox”.
  2. This Action might take few seconds so; we need to wait for a few seconds to change the status. Once the email status is marked as success.
  3. Now the user can track the emails inside Dynamics 365 and manage conversation with the customer accordingly.

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