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5 Reasons to Migrate with Azure VMWare Solution


Azure VMWare Solution is Azure

Effortlessly run your VMware platform and workloads in the cloud, eliminating the need for application re-architecture. Experience seamless continuity, scalability, and rapid provisioning for your VMware workloads on Azure's global infrastructure.

Accelerating your cloud migration process at your own pace

AVS empowers you to transition to the cloud on your own terms. Take advantage of the flexibility to choose which workloads to migrate and when to migrate them. With platform symmetry, you retain control and can transform your infrastructure based on your unique cloud journey.


Datacenter Consolidation

Minimize, retire, or consolidate your datacenter footprint by redeploying your VMware-based virtual machines in a one-time process. Easily migrate vSphere-based workloads to Azure without disrupting operations, thanks to automated, scalable, and highly available solutions that preserve the underlying vSphere hypervisor.


AVS provides a cost-efficient solution

AVS offers a cost-effective solution for running VMware apps on Windows Server and SQL Server. By leveraging AVS, you can reduce expenses associated with on-premises datacenters and avoid the need for dual licenses for on-premises and cloud apps. Transitioning to AVS provides the added advantage of three years of free Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows Server 2008 R2.

Application modernization, development, and testing

Effortlessly extend and operate your current VMware workloads from on-premises to the cloud without the need for costly and time-consuming application re-architecture. AVS facilitates the seamless modernization of VMware applications over time by integrating with Azure-native management, security, and services.

What is Azure VMWare Solution?

As you seek to empower your growing remote workforce and navigate the dynamic global digital business landscape, finding simplicity and ease in your cloud migration journey may initially appear daunting. However, amidst the multitude of migration options available, it is crucial to know that there exists a pathway that allows you to accelerate your cloud migration on your terms and at your desired pace.

  • An all-encompassing VMware environment hosted on Azure infrastructure
  • Execute VMware workloads seamlessly within Azure as a native service
  • Efficiently handle application management and security across both VMware environments and Microsoft Azure
  • A solution that allows to run your VMware workloads natively on Azure
  • An easy pathway for seamlessly extending your on-premises data center to Azure
  • Inclusive features of cloud computing without re-architecting applications
  • The best opportunity choice to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency

Start with our dedicated Microsoft Azure practice. Our Azure experts will guide you through a Proof-of-Concept (POC) deployment to validate the solution in your environment.

ECF Data put your data to work. Our experts deliver you an end-to-end solution to extend the capabilities, control, and functions of the Microsoft Power Platform.
ECF Data put your data to work. Our experts deliver you an end-to-end solution to extend the capabilities, control, and functions of the Microsoft Power Platform.
ECF Data put your data to work. Our experts deliver you an end-to-end solution to extend the capabilities, control, and functions of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Transforming Workloads: Common Use Cases for AVS

App Modernization

Run Oracle, SQL Server, middleware, and high-performance databases. Unify DevOps for VMware and Azure. Streamline VMware administration for Azure services. Access cloud services without expanding data centers. Centralize identities, access control, logging, and monitoring for VMware on Azure.

Cloud Desktop Virtualization

Consolidate on-premises and Azure-hosted virtual desktops and applications into a seamless pool, ensuring consistent user experiences and simplified management.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Leverage the VMware stack deployed in Azure as a reliable on-demand disaster recovery site for on-premises data center infrastructure. Achieve full consistency using VMware Site Recovery Manager or compatible solutions from partners.

Data Center Expansion

Organizations have the flexibility to rapidly expand data center capacity as needed for seasonal, temporary, or regional requirements, thanks to adaptable payment options.

Data Center Footprint Reduction and Migration

By migrating vSphere-based workloads to Azure in a non-disruptive, automated, and scalable manner, organizations can effectively minimize their on-premises infrastructure footprint.
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Partnering with ECF brings you a comprehensive solution for seamless multi-cloud management, backed by a strong partner ecosystem and skilled expertise. Accelerate your Azure VMware cloud journey with ECF's ITIL framework service management, continuous process improvements, Cloud Center of Excellence, and the assurance of ECF best practices and quality.
  • Migrations with industrial and proactive efficiency
  • Streamlined assessment and data analysis with 90% automation
  • Insightful dashboards for operational and financial visibility
  • Efficient hybrid cloud management solutions with a dedicated offshore/onshore delivery center model
  • Driving Efficiency with Standardized Processes and Policy-driven Automation: Harnessing the Power of a Rules Engine and Ready-to-use Blueprints

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