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Azure's Key Networking Capabilities


Application Gateway

Platform-managed, scalable, and highly available application delivery controller as a service. Centralized SSL offload and SSL policy. Support for cookie-based session affinity.


Azure Bastion

Is a fully managed service that provides more secure seamless Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) access to virtual machines (VMs) without any exposure through public IP addresses.


Azure DNS

Manage your DNS records using the same credentials, as well as billing and support contract, as your other Azure services. Seamlessly integrate Azure services with corresponding cloud DNS updates.


Azure DDoS Protection

Defend against even the most sophisticated attacks with an Azure global network that gives you dedicated monitoring, logging, telemetry, and alerts.

Azure ExpressRoute

ExpressRoute connections don't route through the public internet, and they offer more reliability, faster speed, and lower latency than typical internet connections

Azure Firewall

The stateful firewall service has built-in high availability and unrestricted cloud scalability to help you create, enforce, and log application and network connectivity policies across subscriptions and virtual networks.

Load balancing

Instantly scale your applications with Azure load balancing services for high availability and high performance. Get started with a quick needs assessment and load balancing recommendation using the service selection tool.


Azure Firewall Manager

Centralized configuration and management of multiple Azure Firewall instances. Manage security policy configuration and logging across multiple Azure Firewall instances

Private Link

Azure Private Link provides private connectivity from a virtual network to Azure platform as a service (PaaS), customer-owned, or Microsoft partner services.


Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door is a modern cloud content delivery network (CDN) service that delivers high performance, scalability, and secure user experiences for your content and applications.


Azure Internet Analyzer

Test and measure how changes to your cloud network architecture affects your users’ performance over the Internet.

Azure Content Delivery Network

Reduce load times for websites, mobile apps, and streaming media to increase user satisfaction globally.


Azure Virtual Network

Build and manage a secure network infrastructure in the cloud. Bring your own IP addresses and DNS servers. Create sophisticated network topologies using virtual appliances.

VPN Gateway

Azure VPN Gateway connects your on-premises networks to Azure through Site-to-Site VPNs in a similar way that you set up and connect to a remote branch office. Highly available and easy to manage Site-to-Site IPsec VPNs


Virtual WAN

Automated large-scale branch connectivity. Unified network and policy management. Optimized routing using the Microsoft global network. Azure virtual networks through a unified portal experience.


Azure Web Application Firewall

Deploy the service in minutes to get complete visibility into your environment and block malicious attacks.

Azure Orbital Ground Station

Extend satellite communications coverage with a global partner ecosystem of ground station networks, cloud modems, and telemetry, tracking, and control functions.


Azure Route Server

Route injection from a network virtual appliance to a virtual network. Support for active-active or active-passive deployment of network virtual appliances

Azure Network Function Manager

The service also enables a seamless cloud-to-edge experience for Azure Marketplace network functions such as SD-WAN.


Azure Virtual Network Manager

Significantly reduce operational overhead with Azure Virtual Network Manager Preview, a central management service for your virtual network resources.

Why ECF Data for Azure Networking Services?

ECF Data help help you connect manage and secure cloud resources than ever

Connectivity services

VNet, VPN Gateway, ExpressRoute, Azure DNS

Application protection services

DDoS, Firewall, Network security, Endpoints

Application delivery services

CDN, Traffic Manager, App Gateway

Networking services that you can trust for secure & reliable business

Microsoft Azure Networking services provides several capabilities to connect and manage your cloud resources securely. Azure networking by virtue of its various networking capabilities offers customers and users a delightful experience by patching cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services. It’s built on one of the biggest fiber networks. Hence, it can support your hybrid or all-in-cloud strategy. It yields higher performance and connectivity levels.
As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, we have the skillsets, knowledge, and experience you can count on to manage your entire cloud lifecycle. From managing workload migrations to constructing customized cloud solutions, our experts can ensure your Azure environment is working the way you need it to. We’re here to manage and monitor your cloud investments so you can not only better predict your IT costs, but also get back to focusing on the core of your business.
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