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Leverage the Benefits of AI and ML on Microsoft Azure


Efficient AIOps and MLOps

Microsoft Azure offers elastic resource scaling and lower overall resource acquisition costs compared to on-prem, driving down the cost of AIOps and MLOps in the cloud.

Edge Processing

Edge computing is a new computing paradigm that aims to bring data center resources closer to the user or data source, reducing latency and improving performance. This will improve the efficiency of AIOps and MLOps on Azure.


Pre-trained ML models

Custom model will offer more tailored processing for niche workloads, many ML workloads can be performed using pre-trained models on Azure. These models are available through MicrosoftML for R for statistical workloads and MicrosoftML for Python.

ECF Data offering Azure AI and ML Services

Leverage the benefits of AI and ML on Microsoft Azure with ECF Data. We are industry-leading AIOps and MLOps consulting firm. We offer a range of AI and ML assessment and implementation services, including:

Azure Machine Learning

We help you get the professionals with domain knowledge and years of experience on the different datasets to organize your scattered data.

Azure Bot Service

ECF Data helps you with Managed service to build and deploy conversational agents for a variety of application areas. Open-source SDK derived from the development of Cortana to build individualized Q&A bots, and virtual assistants.
Leverage Next-Gen capabilities to Develop, Integrate & Remodel Apps

How can ECF Data help your business with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning ?

ECF Data’s Azure experts can perform a full candidacy assessment of your existing Azure infrastructure to determine your suitability for AIOps and MLOps. We can also determine candidacy for enterprises looking to migrate from on-premises to Azure. If we deem you suitable, we can help you start leveraging the extensive functionality present on the Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning platforms. We help you to get the full use of Azure ML and AI services. Design your models / algorithms using a drag and drop visual interface that requires no coding or programming knowledge.

  • Digest enormous data
  • Accumulate information
  • Scale and create patterns
  • Deliver analysis and forecasts

Developing an AI Strategy for Your Business. Hire Experts Today!

We deliver game changing talent qualified, proven professionals will drive your business to success. An Azure cloud engineer from ECF Data will help you with managing, maintaining, monitoring and securing all servers including installation, upgrades and documentation. We are accountable to meet deliverable commitments and quality compliance.

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