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Azure Governance Managed Service



Automate all of those frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone cloud management tasks. Azure Automation service helps you focus on work that adds business value.


Azure Advisor

Quickly and easily optimize your Azure deployments. Optimize your Azure resources for reliability, security, operational excellence, performance, and cost with Azure Advisor



Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management defines your organization’s unique internet-exposed & proactively manage your security posture.


Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure, one-click backup solution that’s scalable based on your backup storage needs. Monitor, operate, govern, and optimize data protection

Azure Blueprints

Simplify largescale Azure deployments by packaging key environment artifacts, such as Azure Resource Manager templates, role-based access controls, and policies, in a single blueprint definition.

Azure Lighthouse

Gain full transparency into service provider actions manage access without compromising security. Decide who can access your tenant, what they can & when.

Azure Managed Applications

Develop solutions for the Azure service catalog that comply with organizational standards. Attach services and support to your solutions. Build and manage complete solutions in Azure


Azure Migrate

Start your migration to Azure by discovering and assessing on-premises resources and planning your move with insights. Track and manage your progress using a central dashboard.


Get the Azure mobile app

Keep track of the status of your Azure resources, such as virtual machines (VMs) and web apps, from your mobile device. And get alerts on your environment.


Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor supports your operations at scale by helping you maximize the performance and availability of your resources and proactively identify problems.

Azure Policy

Reduce the time needed to audit your environments by having all your compliance data in a single place Control and optimize your cloud spend to get more value from your investment.

Azure Resource Manager

Deploy resources together and easily repeat deployment tasks. Categorize resources to clarify billing and management. Enable enterprise-grade access control


Azure Resource Manager templates

Manage your Azure using a simple configuration language. Deploy your resources in parallel to speed up your deployment process. Create and update any Azure resource declaratively.


Azure Service Health

Configure customizable cloud alerts and use your personalized dashboard to analyze health issues, monitor the impact to your cloud resources, get guidance and support, and share details and updates.

Azure Site Recovery

Offers ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and dependability. Deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes through Site Recovery to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages.


Cloud Shell

Get authenticated shell access to Azure from virtually anywhere. Use common tools and programming languages in a shell that's updated and maintained by Microsoft.Persist your files across sessions in attached Azure Files

Microsoft Cost Management

Take advantage of the tools included in Microsoft Cloud to get more value out of the cloud and implement financial governance in your organization.


Microsoft Azure portal

Build, manage, and monitor everything from simple web apps to complex cloud applications in a single, unified console Sign in

Network Watcher

Remotely capture packet data for your virtual machines. Monitor your virtual machine network security using flow logs and security group view & diagnose your VPN connectivity issues


Traffic Manager

Obtain high availability with multiple automatic failover options. Increase app responsiveness by leveraging performance routing. Seamlessly combine on-premises systems.

Azure Cloud Governance and Management

We leverage Microsoft Azure native governance tools that provide a comprehensive visibility into your azure usage, risk and spend for controlling budgets, forecasting consumption, managing chargeback, rightsizing resources and automation optimization.

Proactive Spend Management

Consolidate billing, monitor and optimize spend, and eliminate surprises with integrated visibility, budget and cost control

Resource Rightsizing

Data-driven recommendations for rightsizing & optimization to eliminate waste, reduce costs and enhance performance

Stay in control with our unique Governance service

Managing governance within Azure requires in-depth experience and understanding of best practices. In addition to creating a tailored governance model at the outset, it is essential to ensure that the governance guardrails are proactively managed and in a continual state of improvement.
Our Governance Managed Service addresses security baselines, cost management, identity management, resource consistency, and deployment acceleration.

The Governance Managed Service aims to drive the improvement with monthly reports and in-flight policy changes to adapt the framework as issues and opportunities arise.

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