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AdminDroid is a leading Office 365 solution provider whose objective is to build IT products that are highly user-friendly and discerning solutions.

The flagship product AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter tool provides more than 950+ Office 365 statistics reports and auditing reports with features like report customization, scheduling, dashboards, etc.​
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ECF Data x AdminDroid: Taking M365 to the Next Level

ECF Data, a Managed Services Provider located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced a partnership with AdminDroid, which offers Office 365 Auditing and Security Reports to all of its clients.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ECF Data has taken the next step to ensure that it can provide all of its customers with superior service, reports, diagnostics, and security. By announcing a partnership with AdminDroid, Office 365 Reports and Office 365 Security will be more accessible, comprehensible, and succinct.

What You Can Expect:

With AdminDroid's 1500+ reports and 15+ dashboards, you can keep an eye on your whole Microsoft 365 system. With AdminDroid, you can manage and protect your organization with more control and visibility with just a few mouse clicks.

The tool has advanced reporting features, alerting options, customization options, and the ability to automate reports, all of which help Microsoft 365 administrators keep an eye on everything in the company and make sure that nothing important is missed.

Detect Anomalies In A Smarter Way


AdminDroid can help you find new risks and strange activities, compare activity trends, and get notified about more than 1,400 Microsoft 365 activities. This has more than 45 ready-made policy files that can be used right away. On the alert dashboard, you can see alerts, states, and trends quickly and act right away on alerts that have been triggered. You can also mark them as open, closed, or exploring, depending on what you want.

Track Activities, Know Who did What Operation and When


With AdminDroid's dedicated audit reports, Microsoft 365 admins can keep an eye on all the users and groups in the company by tracking day-to-day activities like file sharing/access events, email traffic, non-owner accesses, secure score, password changes, login attempts, and so on. You can also do this by taking a quick look at the 'User Activities Dashboard'.


Stay Up To Date and Make Decisions Faster


AdminDroid gives data on all of the major Microsoft 365 services, like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, Power BI (Audit), and more. Every report is carefully looked over and put into groups based on each service. The reports will give you a lot of information about the data in your Microsoft 365 account.


Easy User Behavior Analysis


The 'Usage and Adoption' panel makes it easy for admins to check how the different Microsoft 365 services are being used and how many people are using them. You can find out who is involved in each department, job title, city, state, etc. This will help you keep track of the current users based on what they did, what files they shared or accessed, how busy they were, and other factors. This also helps managers find inactive resources and get rid of licenses that aren't being used. This lowers the cost of licenses.


Manage Sensitive Organization Data In A Better Way


In order to simplify your organization's compliance requirements, reports are analyzed and categorized based on their compliance requirements.
By monitoring suspicious activities, alerts, threats, unauthorized accesses, configuration & privilege changes, etc., will assist Microsoft 365 administrators in maintaining secure internal control over the organization's data


Keep An Eye On Your Office 365 Statistics


AdminDroid offers insightful interfaces that provide administrators with clear visibility and a bird's-eye view of the statistical data of various Microsoft 365 services. In addition, each report will include visually enticing graphical representations in the form of pie, donut, and bar charts. Using this AI-powered visual representation of data, administrators can gain insights into any report and better comprehend the data. By clicking on the available data, one can rapidly access the specifics.

Get the Expertise You Need

By working with AdminDroid, ECF Data has shown once again that it is committed to making its clients' lives better. Working with AdminDroid will give your business a new and exciting way to move in the direction it wants to go. This is because AdminDroid works in many different industries, such as healthcare, education, and government. Streamline your Microsoft 365 management today with our easy-to-use tools. Click the button below to simplify your workflow and take control of your organization's productivity!

Since its founding in 2010, ECF Data has been offering a personalized approach in IT application and infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management.

ECF Data, a Microsoft Gold partner, aims to drive value to businesses through its one-to-one system in IT application and infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management.


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