Azure Virtual Desktop

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flexible, secure, and a scalable workplace

Azure Virtual Desktop


Seamless Microsoft Experience

Provide employees with the same experience they’d have on a local desktop or laptop—whether they’re managing their inbox with Outlook, sharing files in OneDrive, or collaborating with colleagues on Microsoft Teams.

Portals for All

The Azure portal is your management hub for Azure Virtual Desktop. Configure network settings, add users, deploy desktop apps, and enable security with a few clicks. Focus on your desktop apps and policies while Azure manages the rest.


Modernize your Infrastructure

Maximize your investments and skills by integrating Azure Virtual Desktop into existing desktop and app virtualization environments with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with Azure and VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

How Managed Azured Virtual Desktop Add Value to your business

Fully managed desktop on Azure cloud

Fully managed Azure cloud desktops that allows your IT teams to focus on core business priority as we take care of provisioning, configuration, and management of your AVD (WVD) environment.

Pay-as-you-go model

Pay ONLY for what you consume and Managed Azure Virtual Desktop eliminates any upfront capex on hardware and software.

On-demand and scalable virtual desktops

Quick provisioning of new users as per business needs, irrespective of location. Option to add new users and resources in less than an hour to keep the business running

Make your Desktop and Apps Secure to work remotely with Azure Virtual Desktop

Choose the right Azure virtual machine (VM) to optimize performance and leverage the Windows 10 multi-session advantage on Azure to run multiple concurrent user sessions and save costs.
Migrate your Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environment with simplified management and deployment experience on Azure.
Quickly virtualize and deploy modern and legacy desktop apps to the cloud in minutes with unified management in the Azure portal.
The only multi-session Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device.

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