2022 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Major Updates You Should Never Miss!

Microsoft is embracing the year 2022 with a bang as it exhibits the carries on the consistent improvements of its offerings. For those who are still not familiar with the bi-annual wave releases of Microsoft, Q2 and Q4 are especially widely anticipated due to Dynamics 365 major upcoming updates.  These plans are issued in advance to have the different sectors of companies (Supply Chain, IT, and Finance) gain a head start.  

Don’t want to go scratching your head with the lengthy Microsoft Document? No worries! ECF Data brings a sneak-peek at the 2022 Microsoft Updates, which you cannot afford to miss. 

2022 is the Year of changes, and Microsoft successfully manages to bring the best for all its customers.

Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 2: An Overview

The year 2022 sure comes with a bang because of the Dynamics 365 major upcoming updates. Serving what’s new and what’s hot, these innovations certainly provide features powerful enough to transform your business. Like with every update, you can expect a multitude of new features. The Dynamics 375 updates 2022 are scattered across Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance and Operations, Human Resources, Commerce, Fraud Protection, and SMB. Read below to know more about the updates 2022: 

D365 Wave Update for Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing takes an extensive look into customer experience, marketing automation, and personalized journeys to strengthen customer relationships and gain their loyalty. The D365 updates improve these experiences and capabilities by building segment-based and moments-based customer journeys that encompass all touchpoints and take customization a step further without too much effort.  

Here are some of the D365 wave updates you should take note of: 

  • Customize each customer’s engagement and improve your marketing ROI
    • Make segments for leads and customer entities with a fresh and easy-to-navigate segmentation builder (Dynamics 365 release schedule: February 2022)
    • Modify your emails and include lists of related data tailored to the recipient
    • Call Power Automate flows from customer journeys
  • Accelerate decision making through the power of analytics and AI
    • Draft emails effectively and easily with AI-based content ideas
    • Create focused segments by utilizing natural language
  • Engage with your customers across all possible touchpoints
    • Achieve additional control over journey branching conditions with more attributes and availability
    • Link Customer Insights and your data lake (Azure Data Lake Storage) with the orchestration of customer journey (Dynamics 365 release schedule: February 2022)
    • Envision customer journey interactions of the activity timeline of Customer Insights
    • Employe new opportunities to connect with mobile users by sending a text message with Telesign and Twilio

2022 Dynamics 365 Sales Update

Dynamics 365 Sales is one of the top-notch applications that benefit companies to profit more by providing a deeper understanding of the customers and knowing how they want to buy.  

Gear up for the Dynamics 365 major upcoming updates as they are concentrated on closing more deals, increasing sales revenue, boosting productivity, and managing customer relationships. The Dynamics 365 release wave 2022 is set to roll out between Oct 2021 and March 2022 and these are the features you simply cannot miss: 

  • Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales Integration
    • Harness productivity with Microsoft Teams meetings (Dynamics 365 release schedule: March 2022)
    • Collaborate better because of more third-party telephony support, Teams message extensions, automated notifications, and setup and security enhancements
    • Help your sales team effectively forecast with predictive scoring
  • Respond to clients faster without the hindrance of location and time with the Mobile Sales App
    • Dynamics 365 release 2022 allows you to create Outlook items from the D365 app itself
    • Automatically create activity records through phone calls
    • Experience a user-friendly D365 and carry customer relationships on another level
  • Be more productive because of the Sales Accelerator Feature
    • Decrease time allotted to planning the best action for leads and opportunities
    • Use the Adaptive sequence, a feature that is included in the Microsoft updates for 2022, adds conditions in sequences


Dynamics 365 Customer Service

An end-to-end service for spanning assisted and self-service plan across several channels of customer engagement is Dynamics 365 Customer Service. For this solution, the Dynamics 365 release wave 2022 highlights the following:

  • Increase satisfaction in service delivery by empowering agents to manage several interactions simultaneously 
  • Boost productivity with contextual collaboration using Microsoft Teams 
  • Monitor issues across channels through case management 
    • Engage with D365 records with Teams message extensions (Public preview: February 2022) 
    • Enhanced Universal Resource Scheduling-based service scheduling experience 

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a one-of-a-kind field service management application that helps companies transform their service operations by engaging places, things, and people to supply customer-centric experiences.  

The Microsoft updates for 2022 include the following: 

  • Simplified onboarding experience for a quick time-to-value and production deployment 
  • Improved user experience with features like mixed reality calling and enhancements on the mobile usability of Field Service +9-
  • +
  • New and improved schedule board experience with capabilities replicated from previous experience and additional usability improvements 
  • Detailed customer engagement capabilities to be in close connection with customers 
  • Elevate productivity with an overhauled work order form and upgraded information architecture on the Field Service mobile experience 

Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance

Experience business growth and agility with D365 Finance. This application helps companies like you to track global financial operations in actual time, forecast effectively, and create data-driven decisions 

  • Take advantage of AI, enable your organization’s cash position, and have the initiative for improvement through finance insights (General availability: January 2022) 
    • Empower your customers with innovative machine learning for their financial operations 
    • Features include budget forecasting, customer payment prediction, and presentation of forecasted cash positions on accounts receivable and project transactions, accounts payable, and predicted scenarios.
  • Improve usability of your daily tasks 
    • Boost productivity when it matters most 
    • Increase usability and performance around financial dimensions, year-end close, and fixed assets through automated and modernized services used daily by customers 
  • Simplifying and reducing global complexity while strengthening global coverage 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Fulfill your supply chain requirements by helping them experience end-to-end capabilities that distributors, retailers, and manufacturers need. The Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides an all-encompassing functionality that delves into planning, inventory, sales, procurement, and product information, manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse management. The D365 wave update comprises of different categories. Let’s break it down here: 

  • Obtain visibility, efficiency, and resiliency in your supply chain 
    • Monitor usage of material handling equipment and heighten efficiency and optimize the maintenance of material handling equipment 
    • Enhance scalability and resiliency in critical processes with Cloud-Scale Unit Add-in 
    • The Inventory Visibility adds included in the D365 wave update allow you to enable real-time inventory management.  
  • Prioritize empowering your clients by carrying out manufacturing processes without interruption  
  • Optimize master planning with Planning Optimization Add-in 
  • Apply Engineering Change Management to standard products and easily and efficiently monitor the changes in their lifecycle 

Human Resources

Manage your biggest asset—your employees. Dynamics 365 Human Resources engages and empowers your workforce by bringing modern benefits packages and staying compliant. Your organization can be more tactical as they gain insights to create better performance management programs, company leaves, absences, structures and benefits, compensation, and employee and manager self-service,  

Three notable areas were targeted by the D365 wave updates: 

  • Expanding of the Human Capital Management (HCM) ecosystem through the integration of strategic partnerships and APIs 
  • Redesigning employee experience by bringing those experiences into the flow of work 
  • Unifying applications through a centralized platform with improved lifecycle management tooling and extensibility 


With the competition in the market right now, giving importance to adapting to emerging consumer needs and shopping behaviors is essential. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is an end-to-end solution that brings commerce across all channels, covering mobility, sales, intelligence, and productivity.  

You simply cannot miss these Dynamics 365 major upcoming updates: 

  • Better customer experience with e-commerce 
    • Enjoy smart content experimentation by producing data-driven updates to e-commerce website experiences to foster more frequent engagement and reinforce conversion and adoption rates 
    • Take advantage of creating an e-commerce website without the extra customization needed with D365 Commerce’s module library 
    • Benefit from the Visual Page Builder, a modern, responsive, and straightforward content authoring interface 
  • Foster growth with insights, intelligence, and analytics 
    • Using the power of AI and machine learning, you can transform and create additional selling power so that customers can find more of the things they want 
    • Microsoft Bing is integrated into D365 Commerce, and it gives you consistent product discovery throughout all commerce channels 
  • Simplify business performance with Omni channel excellence 
    • Improved support for payment methods through digital wallet support 

Fraud Protection

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection covers almost the entire fraud landscape including account protection, payment protection, and loss prevention.  

The Dynamics 365 release wave 2022 focuses on three areas to help customers like you combat fraud: 

  • Empower for fraud team by helping them quickly observe and understand potential threat activities without the need to consult or hire data scientists 
  • Payment Service Providers can now offer D365 Fraud Protection as a value-added service and enable them to beat fraud with your merchant or a representation of them. 
  • Make your evaluation process simpler by giving your team the ability to evaluate all the Fraud Protection capabilities for free 


Dynamics 365 Business Central is perfect for small and midsized organizations as it offers an extensive business application solution. As one of the companies that heavily invested to help its users be more productive, you can certainly expect topnotch features on the whole M365 suite. Read on for more D365 updates of Business Central: 

  • Better integration in Microsoft 365 such as the collaborative business processes in Teams, enhancements to working with Excel, and AL access to viewing and sharing files in OneDrive 
  • The global availability feature now covers more regions and countries so that small and mid-sized businesses can attain more 
  • Enjoy a rich range of tooling features for your developers  
  • Administrators can take advantage of the new experiences for managing permissions and licenses 

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