Common Microsoft Teams issues, fixed!

The popularity of Microsoft Teams skyrocketed during the pandemic. Several factors caused its rise, but the main drivers are the company’s continuous digital transformation programs and an increase in working and learning from home individuals. In effect, Microsoft Teams has become a must-have for collaboration, productivity, conferencing, and communication tool. But, like any other software, Microsoft Teams sometimes comes with a flaw.   

Lucky for you though, ECF Data is here to help! Continue reading as we help you solve the most common Teams problems:  

Audio or Camera not working properly ?

We get it. It can be a nerve-wracking moment when you are about to have a major call and then suddenly, your webcam or your audio unexpectedly stopped working. When this is happening to you, two things may be to blame – the hardware of your webcam or your microphone. Here’s what you can do:  

  • Check if your microphone and webcam are selected before starting or joining the call. This can be done by looking at the left part of Teams app as there is a toggle switch for your microphone.  
  • Make sure that you’ve chosen the default speaker and microphone from the pool. Go to your settings and select “PC Mic and Speakers”. 
  • You can also check if the issue comes from your permissions. Usually, this happens when you’re using the Teams web app. Ensure that your webpage and web browser are granted permission for your webcam and mic. An Allow prompt usually pops up. If not, change your privacy settings.  

New messages not loading ?

If you can’t see the latest threads or messages on your Teams apps, what you can do is restart your Teams app and manually force a refresh. This usually solves the problem, and the steps only vary depending on the OS that you’re using.  

For Windows users: Right-click the Teams’ icon then choose “Quit.” This step completely shuts down Microsoft Teams, which is different when you simply close the program.  

For Mac users: On your dock, locate your Teams icon. Right-click it and choose “Quit.” Reload Microsoft Teams after and your new messages will appear.  

If the issue persists, another option that you can try is the Teams web app instead of the desktop app. Logging in and out of your account is another option that you can investigate. Simply hit your profile picture and pick the “Sign Out” option. 

Notifications not showing up  

As a productivity and communications app, notifications are a fantastic feature of Teams because it gives you the extra prompt that you need. If you’re not receiving notifications, these are the steps that you can follow:  

  • Enable the proper settings on the Teams app. You can do this by going to the App, navigating the Three Dots next to your Profile Picture, then try selecting “Settings”, then “Notifications”. Check if the notifications are on and the permissions indicated are what they should be. Adjust what is necessary.
  • If you are on the web app, try to check if you have enabled them. You can see the notifications prompt on the bottom right corner of the screen and click Turn on.

Freezing Microsoft Teams  

If you’re experiencing a slow and freezing Microsoft Teams, the suspected reason for that is your device is processing power or memory. When this happens, it may translate to a larger problem. But worry not. We can help you.  

If you are using the Teams App, press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. A menu will appear then select “Task Manager,” then “Microsoft Teams” from the active apps and processes list. A Task Manager window will appear and click “End Task” on the bottom right. Click the Teams App as you would before and see if the problem persists.   

If you’re using a web app, conducting a hard refresh may alleviate the problem. First step for this is to press “CTRL+R.” This process reboot’s the browser’s cache and loads your latest correspondence. If this step doesn’t solve it, you can try pressing “Ctrl + Alt + Delete.” A menu will appear and simply select “Task Manager.” A list of active apps and processes will appear and click the browser that you’re using. Click “End Task” after. 

Impossible to create New Teams  

Creating new teams is a very useful feature of Microsoft Teams. It enables people from different departments and ranks to communicate and collaborate in case there are special or seasonal projects. If you’ve encountered a problem wherein you cannot create new teams, it is usually because it is your company policy. When this happens, it was agreed upon that creation of new teams is restricted. If this happens to you, reach out to your IT department. 

Helping you with your Microsoft Teams  

As with other solutions, nothing comes in a perfect package. It may be because of the surge of Teams users and the many features being added by Microsoft that causes this. But the silver lightning of it all is there’s a solution. There is also a Microsoft support page that you can check in case you are experiencing an issue that is not covered in this blog.  

If you are interested in Microsoft Teams migration, development, and installation, ECF Data provides those services along with consultation to accommodate the needs of your company. ECF Data also offers 247 post-support services to assist you and your employees whenever you encounter a problem.  

To contact an ECF Data personnel, simply click this link. 

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