Staying on Track

Being ten years in the business, Magic Sun Solar, Inc. remains on top of its game despite the challenges of the pandemic. With most employees encouraged to work online, the organization migrated to Azure Database 


Magic Sun Solar, Inc.


MS Azure SQL Migration Services


Sustainable Energy

Standing by quality

As Looms, California’s premier supplier of solar electric systems, Magic Sun Solar takes pride in the quality of its services and products. It is pertinent for the organization to give on-time and professional installations. They pride themselves on being fully licensed, insured, and bonded, as with any other reputable solar company. Magic Sun Solar stands out because they do not hire subcontractors.  

It is exceptionally advantageous for their clients because it ensures complete and meticulous monitoring of each project pre- and post-installation. At the end of the spectrum, it can be additional work for the company because they need to do everything. To fulfill their mission to continuously provide their clients with electrical and solar solutions to promote energy conservation, they need to employ systems that would allow them to operate at full blast.  

Deploying simple yet powerful solutions

ECF Data empathizes with you. We know that overcomplicating things can take a toll on the employees, but at the same time, they are powerful enough to handle everything that any organization needs.  


An Adaptive Platform

As everyone was adapting to the unpredictable changes of the pandemic, Magic Sun Solar was also affected and realized the need to adopt. Partnering with ECF Data, the organization migrated to Azure SQL. It is a fully-managed database service that gives Microsoft the responsibility to automate the full maintenance and management of the database and infrastructure server. It fits all that is Magic Sun Solar, from the number of employees to how hands-on they are with their clients and services.  

Shifting to the cloud and comparing it to legacy onsite hardware authorizes the companies to grow and decrease site, services, and unexpected traffic spikes. As with their system brought to the cloud, it is accessible to each employee, but no cost is required for physical infrastructure. The migration eases the organization to a secure platform, as it is embedded with a variety of compliance features and built-in security under the Microsoft portal.  

Choosing only the top-tier

Carrying over 30 years of experience on its shoulder, Magic Sun Solar remains to be a proponent of “Quality trumping Quantity.” Migrating to the Azure database allows them to grow exponentially without committing to costly investments.  

ECF Data is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has extensive years of the database migration experience. As with their other clients, ECF initiated a consultation meeting to discuss the needs of Magic Sun Solar and assess their current system and business needs. They also discussed the responsibilities of both sides before proceeding with the implementation. Magic Sun Solar continued its operations during the migration process and was extremely satisfied that even after the handover, ECF continued to provide support and ensure the seamless transition.  


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