Approaching a better headspace (and workspace)

Since its conception, Thermo System’s commitment to serving its customers first -class services have been its priority. To continuously provide industry-leading automation solutions, they needed to trailblaze the collaborative processes and build systems for productivity.


Thermo Systems, LLC


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Driving innovation in collaboration

Since 1998, Thermo Systems has been one of the most trusted full-service control systems integration partners that provides top-notch automation solutions. To keep and clients’ trust, the organization ensures that they keep their guards up and remain relentless with their plans for growth and expansion. Already present globally, twenty locations to be exact, the whole team of Thermo Systems needs to strap their gears to achieve a single goal.
A firm believer that collaboration is the first step to innovation, the company knew that providing everyone with a platform that would allow them to easily communicate, work on a project, and document everything in an accessible place.
The client previously-stored all their data, documents, and files on a local file server. However, they desired to move to a modern cloud collaborative tool and chose to migrate the file server to SharePoint.

Deploying simple yet powerful solutions

ECF Data empathizes with you. We know that overcomplicating things can take a toll on the employees, but at the same time, they are powerful enough to handle everything that any organization needs.  


The best-in-class document manager

ECF Data introduced Microsoft SharePoint, a cloud-based collaboration and file management tool to address Thermo System’s outdated file storage system and business targets. Compared to on-premises file storage arrays, SharePoint is a more efficient and cost-effective content management system because it supports mobile and flexible workspaces. Given that the location of Thermo System is scattered across the US and Europe and given their plans for future expansion, SharePoint is the most suitable solution because everyone can gain effortless and real-time collaboration.  

The SharePoint Migration and Training Services implemented by ECF Data also is sustainable for the 20 offices and more than 200 employees of Thermo System as not everyone is on the same knowledge IT journey as everyone else. ECF helped the organization immerse with the platform, making the migration and post-migration process seamless.  

Transforming the business environment

It is a typical scenario among organizations wherein there’s resistance among team members. It is the main reason for its failure, but the opposite happened for Thermo Systems. SharePoint provided the company with a consistent and streamlined user experience because they could connect it with their existing emails, web browsers, and applications.  

With the increased productivity that spurted with their improved collaboration, Thermo System was also to save money in the long-term than going on-prem. For their subsequent plans, SharePoint is also a better option for them as this doesn’t incur maintenance costs. 


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