Pushing Health Equity for a Better Utah

Planning to further improve the assistance provided by the Take Care Utah Program, Utah Health Policy Project implemented Dynamics 365 Customer Service to pay attention to what matters most- their customers’ needs. 


Utah Health Policy Project


Dynamics 365 Customer Service



Health Coverage for those in Need

Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that forges advanced sustainable healthcare solutions primarily for the underserved and low-income communities. To pursue its mission, UHPP creates effective programs that provide long-term solutions to better access to quality health, education, and public policy. 

One of its programs is the Take Care Utah (TCU), a community-based health insurance assistance program that aims to solve the 8.6% uninsured Utahns. To offer outreach and enrollment assistance to Utahns across the entire state, 50 enrollment specialists are deployed to supply each Utahn in need with a fair, impartial, and accurate service, free of charge.  

Deploying simple yet powerful solutions

ECF Data empathizes with you. We know that overcomplicating things can take a toll on the employees, but at the same time, they are powerful enough to handle everything that any organization needs.  


New and improved service

According to studies, medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. While there are many challenges that need to be addressed, organizations like UHPP and programs like Take Care Utah put the country a step closer to eradicating this problem. 

Since its launch, Take Care Utah has been reaching more and more residents, even taking it a step further at employing bilingual assisters. UHPP, however, realizes that the system itself could be used for improvement. The use of manual applications and multiple applications disturbs the messaging and UHPP’s mission as it costs more, eats up more time, makes the entire process more prone to errors.  

Working together with ECF Data, a Las Vegas-based IT firm, they recommended the implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service to resolve their existing issues and propel the company forward. The unified platform will be able to implement a systemized approach in handling their data- starting from inquiry, processing, and approval of application.  

Creating a better tomorrow

“We have already deployed our assisters in places that we know best- community clinics, prisons, Planned Parenthood, and schools, to make sure that any gap is bridged. While that helped, we realized that it’s our entire system that needs improvement,” Mark Slonaker, Executive Director of Utah Health Policy Project says. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service helped UHPP not only become better and proactive service agents but receive relevant data through its interactive dashboards and data visualization to make predictive service decisions. By getting an overview of these data and being able to access it anywhere, the UHPP can build better relationships and spread its service to those who deserve and need it.  


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