Securing the Future

Argo Rocket Marine pursues a game-changing goal to revolutionize Marine technologies by partnering with ECF on a “Future Proof” GCC High Licensing Operations plan while meeting stringent compliance requirements.   


Argo Rocket Marine


GCC High Licensing


Naval Architecture and Marine Services

Leveraging their Suite of Services for a Competitive Edge

Leveraging more than 150 years of combined experience from the world’s top naval architects, Argo Rocket Marine propels to become the leading provider of marine services for the space industry.   

Argo Rocket developed significant patented innovations that deliver the highest performance and services, considered one of the best in their industry. Its mission has long been striving to lower the costs of accessing space with marine technology used in recovery missions and offshore launches.   

As an entity registered with the US General Services Administration, System for Award Management (SAM), data security comes paramount for Argo Rocket Marine. It came time to leverage their suite of Microsoft services to hold to their long-term compliance strategy. To overcome the challenge of what could be a long-drawn-out process from planning and management to Microsoft technologies implementation, Argo sought out ECF to help with the heavy lift of deploying GCC High Licensing to a mass amount of contractor seats. Considering a major factor, Argo Rocket providing products and services to the US Government, delivering elite Microsoft consulting and ITAR-compliant services was and is imperative. 

Meeting Regulatory Requirements while Delivering Innovation

ECF Data is among the few Microsoft partners that provide GCC High licensing to contractors with 500 seats. As an AOS-G partner, we can advance your cloud adoption and guide you with the systems architecture and policies needed for compliance. 


Taking the Steps to a Secure Path

By availing of the GCC High licensing, Argo Rocket Marine benefitted from the only version of Microsoft 365 compliant with the reporting requirements of ITAR and the United States Defence Industrial base.   

The processing of GCC licensing is typically lengthy because of the thorough background screening, requirements submission, and validation. Moreover, committing mistakes when licensing GCC High can be expensive. Among the few partners chosen to license Azure Government, GCC, and GCC High, ECF Data was able to expedite the process and guide Argo Rocket Marine to secure the correct federal information requirements. 


Advancing their Security and Compliance Strategies

Running under the Microsoft ecosystem, Argo Rocket collaborated with ECF Data for its data security needs. As an authorized “Agreement for Online Services for Government” (AOS-G) Partner, ECF Data has extensive experience supporting DoD contractors in securing their cloud environment and licensing needs. They offered GCC High licensing, a copy of the Department of Defence cloud environment, and a highly secure version of Microsoft Office 365, made specifically for government contractors, vendors, and entities within the federal ecosystem. Microsoft GCC High was built to provide compliance with cybersecurity and federal regulations, such as FedRAMP High, CJIS Policy, DFARS 7012, ITAR, NIST 800-171, and CMCC.  

Compared to GCC, GCC High is treated as more secure because it sits on the Azure Government infrastructure (separate from Azure Commercial) and can only be accessed by US sovereign directory services. These servers are isolated both virtually and physically, intended for the sole use of federal contractors and agencies. Data processing and processing can only transpire in the US, incorporating an added layer of security.  


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