Cloudbolt’s productivity jolt

Not your typical hybrid cloud management platform, Cloudbolt highlights its relationship with its clients. With that, ensuring that their entire system could help them perform internally and externally.




OneDrive and SharePoint Migration


Cloud Management

A call for something better

CloudBolt Software, Inc. is one of the top names that in the industry that is set on a mission to provide a hybrid cloud management and orchestration platform. The service that the company provides translates into enhanced IT efficiency, being in control, and more importantly, more business agility. With achievements under its belt, it’s no wonder that companies like Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissions are only some of the partners who experience the needed company boost.

For a company offering a service that would better others’ businesses through technologically-relevant software, it can be ironic that Cloudbolt highly relied on Gmail. Though it is a system that works, especially for the sheer fact of sending and receiving emails, it needed something better. 

Deploying simple yet powerful solutions

ECF Data empathizes with you. We know that overcomplicating things can take a toll on the employees, but at the same time, powerful enough to handle everything that any organization needs.


Streamlining workflow

The company ventured into another collaboration, now with an IT service firm based in Las Vegas, ECF Data. They recommended shifting from GMail to Microsoft 365. “We realized that there’s more than an email could do, something much better to help our productivity, communication, and collaboration,” Alajbegovic adds.

Other than fulfilling the email, Microsoft 365 can provide more functions in terms of communication. According to Alajbegovic, ”Because they offered a Microsoft solution and a partner themself, it was not hard to entrust them and their product. Microsoft needs no explanation, and we’d know because we are also using Microsoft programs for our clientele.”

A simple change resulting in infinite possibilities

After the migration to Microsoft 365, the process became simpler and projects became more organized and consolidated. “Getting on board did not feel like we’re learning a new language because it’s really easy to use but, at the same time, there’s a lot you can do with it,” Alejbegovic explained.  

Because of its different demands in project collaboration, CloudBolt also makes the most of it through OneDrive and SharePoint.  Alejbegovic  added, “We were able to send and receive files before, but with OneDrive and SharePoint, we now have a centralized storage structure that is easily accessible to anyone even if they’re not facing their desk computer.” 

Before, working on a project needs the file going back and forth. But, with OneDrive and SharePoint, the team can edit at the same time. It can also be accessed and done anywhere and anytime. There’s more to this Microsoft product than meets the eye. Alejbegovic adds, “It doesn’t end with emails and file sharing because it is interconnected with other Microsoft office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. “  

Productivity was taken up a notch but Microsoft 365. Calendar and tasks can all be coordinated in one easy-to-use platform that transparency and keeping everyone in the circle are easily attained. ”We appreciate that there’s only one place for everything we need,” Alejbegovic stated. 

There’s no going back for CloudBolt. As a company that realizes the power of modern technology, adopting the OneDrive and SharePoint in its processes only propels the company forward. “It’s easy to say goodbye to the existing email provider especially when exchanged for something that could do so much more,” Azelbegovic noted. “It is safe to say that as a company that helps other enterprises achieve digital transformation, we, too, were transformed.” 


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