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Our rich productivity solutions from Microsoft enabled the medical and wellness cannabis operator, Curaleaf, to increase their productivity and improve their collaboration.


Curaleaf Holdings


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Exploring and growing in the unexplored market with Microsoft 365

Having 23 operating sites and more than 350,000 registered patients, Curaleaf Holdings is dubbed as the largest cannabis company by revenue. Despite attaining this status, the Curaleaf remains to traverse in a huge untapped market, making its potential for growth, possibly exponential.

To make this possible, Curaleaf needs to improve its system and provide its employees a better platform for productivity, collaboration, and communication, as their existing arrangement is limiting to its employee’s functions. They have partnered with Las Vegas IT firm, ECF Data to centralize their processes and integrate Microsoft 365 for their daily tasks. Through this, the company could experience mobility while boosting productivity, collaboration, and security.

ECF Data possesses the highest level of competency for customer cases and collaborative relationships with Microsoft. For more than 20 years, the Las Vegas firm has helped companies through their expertise in consultation, planning, managed services, project management, installation, and deployment.

Helping you collaborate anytime, anywhere

ECF Data may not be the largest IT Service Provider, but the small organization uses that to its advantage to put its concentration on its commitment to quality. Their well-trained and highly skilled consultants provide a personalized level of support and ensure that your queries are addressed even post-service.


Curaleaf and ECF Data’s collaboration resulted in increased revenue growth

As the leading international producer of cannabis products, slowing down is far from Curaleaf’s vocabulary. With the addition of its dispensaries, expansion of strategic relationships, and acquisition of a new company, Curaleaf must ensure that the entire company’s operations are on full blast.

Curaleaf decided to pilot the implementation of Microsoft 365 to its 7000 employees, but it was enough to cover all the bases of the cannabis company’s productivity and communication needs. Working on presentations, editing reports, and overseeing daily tasks became much simpler for users to engage in. Moreover, it also allowed the sample population to access the files that they needed regardless of the device or location they are in.

Keeping their eyes on the prize

Project collaboration is imperative for Curaleaf. Because there’s now a centralized location of where the files are and because connecting with other people can be easily done with a few clicks, it seems the road to productivity comes in a straight path. There’s transparency in the processes on a platform that is simple, easy-to-navigate, and most importantly, powerful. The successful implementation of Microsoft 365 to Curaleaf’s 7000 employees served as the gateway to proceed in adopting the system to the entire company.


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