10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dynamics 365 Over Any Other CRM

 2023 is once again the year of the customer. That’s why it’s no wonder that businesses are looking for data and processes to ensure that they can reach and engage existing and potential clients through multiple methods, utilizing various devices if necessary.    

 Key Takeaways: 
  • With the increasing demand for seamless customer experiences, businesses must keep up with the competition.
  • Choosing a CRM for your business that is both powerful and easy to use can be overwhelming in this digital era
  • If you are searching for the most adaptable fit for your business or the best CRM on the market, you're in the right spot!
  • Read on to learn why businesses are jumping into the CRM bandwagon and ECF Data's recommended CRM for your business.

What is the fuss about CRM for your business?  

The desire from consumers for improved customer service, automated involvement, and more complex customer experiences has made the CRM software market one of the fastest-growing sectors right now, with growth rates of 14.27% from 2020 to 2027 expected.  

CRM stands for “customer relationship management,” a category of software that aids companies in organizing, managing, and tracking their customer interactions. Using a CRM for your business generally brings the following benefits: increased sales, enhanced customer service, optimized analytics, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced customer retention, a centralized information database, more accurate sales forecasts, and more.   

However, keep in mind that not all CRMs for your business are created equally. Here, we discuss the different Dynamics 365 Capabilities and how your business can benefit from these features.  

10 Dynamics 365 Capabilities That Stand Out from Other CRM Platforms

Dynamics 365 provides reliable customer relationship management solutions to help you build relationships, provide improved customer loyalty services, and streamline processes, making it an ideal CRM choice for your business.  

Some of the Dynamics 365 capabilities include:  

  1. Microsoft 365 Integration 

One of the most stand-out Dynamics 365 capabilities is its powerful integration with Microsoft 365, the premier office suite utilized in companies of any size. You can connect to Microsoft’s productivity umbrella, which comprises Word, Excel, Outlook, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and more, and unlock high productivity and business processes without the rigorous training and adoption challenges.   

The integration to Office 365 provides you with all kinds of excellent benefits. Take Outlook for email marketing and Power BI for customer analytics as examples – both can be flawlessly integrated into your workflow. Additionally, SharePoint provides an ideal platform to boost team collaboration and productivity.  

  1. Smart Search 

Included in Dynamics 365 capabilities is the smart search feature, which offers a powerful solution to your teams’ daily research demands. Combining sophisticated intelligence with access to all records, contacts, templates, and stored opportunities provides unprecedented accuracy in every query – saving time while pulling up data that may have otherwise gone unnoticed by the team.  

  1. Linked to LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn have truly revolutionized CRM solutions. By combining the power of LinkedIn and CRM for your business, you can dig deeper into your prospects’ profiles to gain insights for better targeting opportunities directly from within the platform. This Dynamics 365 capability ensures that all messaging activities are tracked in real-time analytics, providing reps with a competitive advantage when working on new deals or initiatives.  

  1. Customer Service Dashboard 

With the Dynamics 365 capability called customer service dashboard, managers can stay on top of priorities and ensure requests receive focused attention. This powerful hub provides an in-depth view of every customer experience aspect. When you employ this CRM in your business, you can leverage the charts and metrics in the insights dashboards for customer service. Moreover, the visual breakdowns of your organization’s support cases and AI-generated insights on cases and subjects that affect overall trends and key performance indicators are provided.  

  1. Activity Log and Connections 

The auditing tool of this CRM for your business keeps track of changes made to user access and customer information so that you can later review the activity. The auditing feature is made to comply with the governance, security, compliance, and auditing standards of many regulated enterprises.  

This Dynamics 365 capability can audit the following operations:  

  • Records can be created, updated, deactivated, and deleted. 
  • Records of the N:N disassociation or association 
  • Security roles changes 
  • Sharing privileges of a record changes 
  • Audit log deletion 
  • Do an entity, attribute, and organizational level audit of changes. 
  • The localization ID (LCID) appears in the audit record for modifications made to entity fields that can be localized, such as the Product entity name or description fields. 
  1. Outlook Integration 

D365 enables your CRM to connect with Microsoft email management software. This CRM for your business gives you access to the details and prospects associated with a particular recipient of an email. You can also access email templates and attachments that are important for sales activities. Reps are supported when sending emails, so they can save time while improving the number of messages sent out.  

  1. Leverage the Power of AI 

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Power BI allows for creating stunning visual representations of your data that hasten the process of making important decisions. Power BI is the best option for any data-intensive industry when used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 because it offers nearly infinite capabilities in the business intelligence space.  

With several additional potent integrations, this CRM for your business can link with the Cortana intelligence suite and the Azure IoT stack, giving your company access to mixed reality and the internet of things.  

  1. Frequent updates 

You never have to question whether the Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities you use are current. Microsoft Dynamics consistently innovates and expands the usefulness of its features with weekly upgrades and two brand-new significant releases each year. Using this CRM for your business has an added benefit because Microsoft devotes many resources to R&D.  

  1. Anywhere Access 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a terrific way to conduct business anywhere as the pandemic shifts company cultures to remote working. Any device, such as a phone or tablet, can be synced with the application (Android, iOS, or Windows).  

As a result, you do not need your computer to track sales performances because complete functionality is available when you are on the go.  

Also, you can get support from anywhere your business grows. This CRM for your business operates in 40 countries and 41 languages.  

  1. Flexible Pricing Options 

D365 is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform for business productivity. It means you can buy the services you need when you need them on a pay-per-user per-month basis. This CRM for your business provides multiple pricing options to accommodate your budget, and each application is purchased separately, so you don’t pay for utilities you don’t intend to use. This Dynamics 365 capability also highlights adjusting the number of users depending on the length of your project or any other requirements, making it a cost-effective choice.  

Dynamics 365 in the expert’s hands  

Working with a trusted Dynamics 365 partner can help maximize your investment and leverage the CRM for your business based on your needs.  

For over 10 years, we at ECF Data have been working with Microsoft and implementing methodical and strategic processes in their services. Our highly-skilled, agile, and experienced staff specializes in offering services to government, mid-market, and enterprise-level businesses. 

Everything you need to digitize your idea of customer relationship management properly is included in the Dynamics 365 services we provide: 

  • D365 Consultation – We can provide guidance and assistance regardless of what D365 stage you are in. 
  • D365 Implementation – We offer a smooth transition from legacy systems to Dynamics 365 with minimal disruption and move your apps to the cloud to boost security, scalability, and reduce maintenance costs.
  • D365 Integration – We can help you link your corporate systems to Dynamics 365, allowing your personnel to access all the needed data without changing applications.
  • D365 Quality Assurance – While implementing, migrating, or integrating complicated Dynamics 365 solutions, we assist you in reducing the risk of technical problems.
  • D365 Maintainance and Support – Our round-the-clock help desk services, thorough problem investigation and resolution, recurrent issue prevention, and change request processing guarantee your seamless use of Dynamics 365 apps.
  • D365 Customization – We seek the most effective means of assisting your special business procedures and expanding your consumer base.

Ready to see how Dynamics 365 can work for you? Our team of experts has helped countless businesses find the right Microsoft solution for their needs, and we’re confident we can do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more about what Dynamics 365 can do for your business – you may be surprised at how much this powerful tool can help you achieve your goals. 

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