Business as usual for Regeneron

American biotechnology company, Regeneron, remains unfazed by pandemic restrictions and be able to contribute to COVID’s end.  


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Adjusting with the “New” Normal

Like the majority of industries, pharmaceutical companies, ironically are vastly affected by the pandemic. Despite being on a mission to combat the novel coronavirus, Regeneron needs to follow the rules imposed by the state to ensure the safety of its 8,900 employees. Aside from social distancing, wearing of masks, and other health protocols, Regeneron encourages a work from home set up for its employees.  

To ensure that tasks are completed by the entire organization, the company needed a platform to boost communication and collaboration. Aside from the remote setup, being scattered around its eight satellite offices around the world adds to the challenges of the company. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, sustaining the work from home environment is necessary for Regeneron.  

Taking the time to get to know you

ECF Data does not completely believe in a “one size fits all” mantra. While this may work with other organizations, taking the time to examine your challenges, current processes, and business targets remains to be the ECF route.  

Helping the entire company be in the know.

Through the adoption of Microsoft Teams, employees were able to foster conversation through different channels like emails, online meetings, chats, tasks, and shared files, all in one platform. According to Regeneron’s IT Service Delivery Manager Director Lance Peet, “the simple interface made it easier to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.”  

Keeping everyone informed also was addressed by the Microsoft Teams. Copying someone or a group of people on an email is made easier through the @-mention feature during online meetings and chat. “We saw a great turn-out in our employees’ productivity because the message is quickly disseminated.  

Regeneron’s bright pandemic-proof future

In a span of a couple of months, the different departments and employees were able to improve their communication channels without interrupting the flow of the business. Despite implementing a remote setup for its employees, they were able to work double time in formulating an antibody cocktail for COVID-19. 

“Even though there’s no date yet as to when this pandemic ends, Regeneron was able to arm itself and thrive despite the situation.” Peet concluded. “The only step for us currently is to move forward and contribute to the end of the virus.”  


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