7 Microsoft Power Pages’ Features You Cannot Miss!

Other than having a personalized email address, 84% of buyers perceive that a website adds credibility to your brand instead of having only social media presence. The numbers, ultimately, are the truth-teller. Despite the rise of social networking sites, websites are still considered irreplaceable because it serves several functions to a business. It can tell your brand story, launch your product, funnel your audience, educate your customers about your services/products, make you visible on Google, and so much more.  

Banking on that, Microsoft recently introduced Power Pages, an evolution of the Power Apps Portals. Enveloped in Power Platform’s robust set of applications, Power Pages is an enterprise-grade, secure, and low-code software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform made to create, administer, and host external-facing business websites.   

A breakthrough quality of this platform is that Power Pages is made for literally everyone falling under the spectrum of the no-knowledge coder to professional developers. Users can easily navigate, layout, configure, and publish websites utilized across web browsers and devices. Currently, it is on trial mode, so you can test out Power Pages and see how it fits your needs. If you also want to do a bit of reading, Microsoft releases thorough articles and updates about Power Pages. While there are upcoming features to be unlocked in the future, here are some of the ones that we like so far: 

Power Pages Features You Need to Try ASAP 

  1. Templates – The reason why Power Pages is for everyone is because of Templates. When you open the Power Pages, you will be asked if your previous experience with building a website. Furthermore, there are available templates that you can choose from. It shows you the different industries that could use this template and its specific function. Some of the ready-made templates presently from scheduling meetings, after-school program registration, new employee onboarding checklist, etc.   
  1. Pages – Pages, because they house most of your website’s content, are the meat of your website, which is where most of the time in making a website gets consumed. And because you need to go through every nitty-gritty, developing these can be a complicated process. Power Pages simplifies it because you can add elements (text, button, form, list, image, video, etc.), drag and drop, and modify the placement of these elements. You can also add a subpage with just only a few clicks.  
  1. Styling – Themes are crucial to any company because they create your company’s branding. This part of Power Pages allows you to do this. The Styling Hub lets you select the colors or choose from the pre-selected themes available. You can also input your own colors if you are particular about your brand identity.
  1. Data – The Data workshop lets you efficiently manage and visualize business data with tables, lists, and forms. The entire data placed on this platform are stored in Microsoft Dataverse. Put all the details you need for your website, edit an existing one if that’s the case, or create new model-driven forms and views.  
  1. Preview – When building a website, it’s essential to check the final look ever so often to see if there are revisions to be made. Ensure that your website can be viewed using different devices should also be tested. Power Pages provides preview options that allow you to see your website on the computer and phone. The Mobile Preview is a standout feature because it gives you a scannable code that would allow you to view the website on your mobile in an instant. 
  1. Code Editor – More advanced users can also take advantage of the Code Editor that can be embedded in the Power Apps. Even though it opens you up to endless possibilities, you can use Code Editor to fine-tune the looks of your website or build more sophisticated features. The code editor canvas supports HTML editing, custom CSS, and JavaScript.  
  1. Learning Hub – Since it is a newly launched platform, few tutorials or videos are available. Other than the documentation released by Microsoft, the Learning Hub is the spot to go if you’re having trouble with something, want to explore its features, or simply enjoy maximizing its capabilities.  

Getting Started with Microsoft Power Pages 

The Power Platform has a lot of capabilities and possibilities that can fundamentally transform your business. Suppose you’re interested in implementing this powerful solution or want to discover its wonders for your organization. In that case, ECF Data provides workshops, consultancy, and implementation services to help you optimize these technologies without a costly investment. You can also contact one of our experts by clicking the button below.   

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