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Maximize your move to the cloud by uncovering underlying risks, opportunities to optimize, and chances to decrease the overall cost of maintaining your IT infrastructure ​
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Protect your cloud and drive a secure digital transformation​

Microsoft-funded Cloud and Security Assessment with Block 64​

Our Cloud Security Evaluation assesses your cloud infrastructure to guarantee the utmost protection from security risks and threats. It covers these key areas:

Optimal performance

Secure your current infrastructure’s optimal performance while drawing a path for the next iteration of your core platform


Infrastructure analysis

Assure any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or unsupported versions are identified and flagged for action


Performance-derived insights

Utilize performance-derived insights to optimize current workloads and eliminate any anticipated annual cloud costs

Microsoft Gold Partner

Whether you’re already using or new to Microsoft technologies, we help businesses to implement, adopt, manage, and support with our Microsoft 365 Consulting Services.

Achieve a secure and confident digital transformation with ECF Data.​

100% dedicated professionals offering services over 1000+ enterprise customers​



Our simple, secure, and low-impact discovery understanding aims to help you establish processes for cyber-risk reduction in the cloud. We’ll identify unmanaged devices, discuss policies and controls to reduce risk, and address all your immediate vulnerabilities through these approaches.

  • Optimization: Current Resource Consumption​ Tailor-fit solutions based on actual resource usage
  • Consolidation: Decrease RAM, cores, and leverage instance pooling​ Ways to re-engineer, modernize, and re-platform
  • Supportability: Top-down overview of standardization and current support status of servers and databases
  • Security: Application, Virtualization, & Database risks with remediation recommendations

Avail a complimentary Cloud Security Assessment with ECF Data​

ECF Data prides itself on more than a decade of experience in cloud migration. Seeing your business grow is our goal. ​

To give you a glimpse of the Cloud and Security Evaluation, here's a 30-second video that you can watch. ​
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Maximize your cloud technology with ECF Data

Partnering with Microsoft and Block 64, ECF Data brings you Solutions Assessments to help you take your cloud journey to the next level
  • Team of experts that are well-trained complex situations
  • Understanding vulnerabilities to cyber-attack and risk of loss
  • Align data compliance policies to industry standards
  • Integrate identity management into business operations

Since its founding in 2010, ECF Data has been offering a personalized approach in IT application and infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management.

ECF Data, a Microsoft Gold partner, aims to drive value to businesses through its one-to-one system in IT application and infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management.


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