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Toshiba PBX’s
end of Life:

What to
do now?

Toshiba has been in operations since 1975 and holds the top 3 market share for SMB telephone systems for decades. However, for a company that is established, its achievements are not enough to stop the company from announcing its end of life.

What does this mean?

Though Mitel acquired this part of the business, they continued with a “Phase Out Plan,” which includes three relevant dates:

• “End of New Systems Sales” – October 31, 2018
• “End of Add-On Sales” – October 31, 2019
• “End of Technical Support – October 31, 2021

How does this affect my business?

While is does buy some companies some time, staying with an outdated technology or equipment will do more harm than good. Here’s why:

Risks of hardware failure. If the phone system crashes completely, it may be impossible to fix it. Replacement parts and system will be impossible to obtain. Or if in case it is available, it can be expensive.

Security risks. Not being able to access updated software can expose your business to glitches, bugs, and software issues.

Increased downtime. Any outdated system is more likely to crash. Without the availability of parts, it results to increased periods of downtime, which is detrimental to anyone’s productivity and revenue.

Take the next step with Microsoft Teams

While is does buy some companies some time, staying with an outdated technology or equipment will do more harm than good. Here’s why:

Same Toshiba PBX Functionality

Microsoft strives hard for business to not miss the regular telephony system. Teams provides the functionality of a PBX phones. These features include music on hold, auto attendants, number blocking, voicemail, music on-hold, call queues, and time-based policies.

Reduction Of Hardware Dependency

One of the best features of Teams is that it is available on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. There’s also no need to invest on additional PBX hardware.

Lower Telephony Cost

Compared to Toshiba phone system, Teams boasts of a cloud-based system, which removes high carrier charges for long-distance calls.

Going Beyond The Traditional Pbx

Teams delivers a variety of communications features. More than facilitating phone calls, it offers instant messaging, video calls, presence and more capabilities. With the possibility of integration of interactive bots, SharePoint services, OneDrive for Business, and third-party apps, the whole organization can achieve productivity through these collaboration tools.


One Page Microsoft Teams PSTN Overview

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