Staying ahead of the curve

Landgren, operates its real estate agency in Malmo, Sweden.

They wanted to reduce physical documents as much as possible.

They recognize the need to provide their brokers with the mobility of being out in the market. As well as the freedom to work at night or over the weekend when they need to.

On top of those objectives, they need to follow the strict European data privacy standards. With the fact that they don’t have IT, they turned to a managed service for Microsoft 365 business.


Dealing with Sensitive Information

What a typical Landgren broker gets excited about is being part of their customers’ major investment in life. This Swedish Real Estate firm serves 15,000 customers every year.

Making the buying and selling process of a house as easy as possible has provided them the key to capitalize on and stand out from the crowd. Collaboration between their internal team and external partners on any platform from any location has made this possible.

Microsoft 365 applications have eased many parts of their work. Which allows them to focus on the whole spectra of real estate properties.

Considering the ever-growing cyberattack that comes as malware or hacking, which sometimes ends up with data loss. Coupled with the mobility objective where employees introduce their own devices in the loop amplifies such risk.

Taking into account that cybercriminals can access computers in less than 4 mins and take an average of 99 days for the business to discover the breach, puts data security in the spotlight.

Moreover, the €183 Million fine that British Airways paid back in 2018 as fine for a GDPR violation by a data breach. Where 500,000 of their customers got affected. It is very convincing for any organization to recognize the need for a high level of security to protect customers from a data breach.


The magical cloud

This convoluted problem surprisingly ends up with simple cloud-based solutions. Where all software used by the team, the management of the devices, and the protection of customer data magically goes away to the cloud.


The challenges faced by most SMBs after they have been targeted as easy prey by cybercriminals is an issue that top engineers from Microsoft have been debating and building solutions for quit sometime now. These packages are known in the market as Microsoft 365, Teams, or Azure to name a few. A major problem is how businesses perceive these solutions.

If you want to see for yourself how this solution work, we will be happy to walk you through a guided tour or take a security assessment for free.