Project planning, architecture, implementation, and management have been the hallmark of ECFData since its founding in 2010. We balance system consulting, integration, and management with industry standards and best practices. ECFData understands that your business is unique, which is why we approach every customer solution individually. You can select from a complete range of leading-edge technologies. It is a unique combination that will deliver tangible results to your business. This is a one-to-one solution designed specifically for your company.


ECF DATA helps you discover what’s possible, plan for successful rollouts, and onboard new users and capabilities based on your schedule.

Let ECF DATA show you how our tools, resources, and guidance can help you get the most from your Cloud investments.

ECF Data Consulting and Planning Services focuses on you, the client. We help companies understand, implement and manage Information Technology in the most efficient and effective way. ECF Data uses Industry Best Practices and Proven Methodologies to help us develop a solution that is right for your company.

Our Methodologies


The first phase of our approach comes with focused attention to understand our clients’ capabilities, needs and goals. We take time to get to know you, and to learn about your business. We ask who. We ask why. We ask why not. This phase is about learning and thinking about your company and where it wants to go. Then, we match our expertise to your technology needs and business goals to help you find the best way to reach your destination.


In the second phase, we work together to shape your technology plan. We consider your existing systems, and detail ways to incorporate them in achieving your goals. Of course, we don’t just focus on your immediate needs. We plan for long-range goals as well. That way, we can help you be more successful today, and get you on track to succeed tomorrow.


During the implementation phase of the project ECF Data implements the prescribed solution into your organization. ECF Data implementation phase encompasses getting systems up and running, integrating previous systems, testing and refining, and training employees.


In the final phase of the project ECF Data does all knowledge transfers to ensure that your organization is successful in running the new solution. ECF Data also offers support contracts to help you support your system through its life cycle. ECF Data strives to maintain a relationship with you the client; to help in any aspect of maintenance your solution may require.

Let ECF Data help you transform your IT organization from a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to an Operating Expense (OPEX). Our cloud based services approach transforms your IT applications and infrastructure from software and hardware that an organization must purchase and maintain, into a pay-as-you-go service delivered over public and private networks, utilizing Internet and Web technologies.

Managed Services is our core business ECF Data fully manages your IT infrastructure. The solution includes: security and patch management, hardware procurement and maintenance, software procurement, engineering, maintenance, and upgrades, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and testing, and ongoing integration tasks.


All aspects are performed by ECF Data expert staff. Our Managed product’s gives your organization the benefit of both worlds. First, it allows your organization to keep all messaging infrastructure onsite. ECF Data delivers a Microsoft Skype for Business, a fully tested, field-proven architecture installed locally to maximize performance and minimize cost, tied into our network operations center for unparalleled operations and management. ECF Data provides a wide range of designs tailored to the requirements of different size organizations, from mid-sized enterprises to large, distributed multi-national corporations.

It allows your organization to outsource your operational support needs while keeping the infrastructure on site. This innovative approach provides Fortune-500 class IT infrastructure, operations and services to any size company, offloading internal IT departments and helping companies focus on their core business functions.

Procurement & Logistics (P&L) sources and coordinates delivery of high-quality materials and services to support Saudi Aramco’s operations and projects. Our supply chain management team, which includes sourcing, logistics, and contracting specialists, works to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct are maintained in all their operations.

The team’s efforts are aimed at finding cost-effective quality products, with on-time delivery.

Contracting Services encompass various types of technical agreements for engineering, project management, and upstream and downstream research


The Logistics team at ASC oversees the shipment of all materials. This includes ensuring proper control of the materials to the point of embarkation, negotiating shipping contracts, negotiating freight rates, operating the cargo terminal, and overseeing compliance with both U.S. and Saudi import-export regulations.

Using state-of-the-art and proven approaches, ECF Data Professional Services support and mange our clients’ investment in technology and guarantee the secure, smooth, and efficient operation of all of its components. Our systems integration capabilities span the life cycle of a solution, from requirements analysis through solution development, installation, rollout, and end-user training. Our professionals are highly experienced in delivering a broad range of messaging integration solutions including custom application development; package customization and integration; hardware and software component integration; application maintenance/customization/enhancement; solution deployment and project management.

What happens when your organization works with ECF Data?
While working with ECF Data, you gain access to a set of tools and resources to help you plan for and drive your implementation and adoption projects.

  • Create a success plan tailored to your business—including technical implementation and user adoption strategies that cover Office 365, EMS, Azure, and other services
  • Redeem eligible special offers from our partners
  • Share information with your ECF Data Manager or Engineer. Access adoption guidance and project templates to help you plan your rollout

Why ECF Data?
ECF Data provides a collection of resources, tools, and a team of hundreds of engineers around the globe, committed to ensuring successful Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and/or Azure experiences for IT professionals and partners.

Based on the size of your deployment, our ECF Data engineers work with you remotely, providing personalized assistance to help you prepare your technical environment and ensure that onboarding and migration processes go smoothly.

ECF Data works with small, medium, large, enterprises and privately held organizations. We also provide services to local, state, and federal public sector organizations. ECF Data provides resources and tools to assist with any size roll-out. For more information about customer qualifications for ECF Data, contact sales or view our Services page which includes details regarding our various cloud solutions.

How does an ECF Data engagement work?
There are four steps to a typical ECF Data engagement.

  1. Kick off the onboarding process
    An ECF Data Center representative will contact you within 30 days of your eligible purchase of Office 365, EMS, or Azure. Or you can request assistance if you’re ready to get going sooner. Your ECF Data team and your in-house project team will meet to review your onboarding needs.
  2. Assess your environment
    Your ECF Data engineer will work with your project team to assess your IT environment to identify any aspects of your current infrastructure that need to be changed to better ensure a great experience.
  3. Remediate any issues
    You’ll receive a checklist and plan from your ECF Data engineer that you can use to help you remediate any issues that were uncovered during the assessment process.
  4. Enable core capabilities
    Your ECF Data team will help you ensure your cloud solution is ready to use, licenses are assigned appropriately, and eligible services are migrated.

Is there work to do before the onboarding process begins? Does the ECF Data engineer help with this work?

For those customers engaging with ECF Data, your assigned engineer will run checks to identify any readiness tasks your infrastructure requires prior to onboarding. You’ll be notified about any tasks that must be completed before we can begin the onboarding process. These tasks might include providing additional hardware for identity management, upgrading your infrastructure to supported software, or updating the network.

During the pre-onboarding check, it may be determined that you need additional assistance outside of the scope of the ECF Data engagement. If you don’t have a preferred partner to work with, you’ll have the option to be contacted by a qualified partner who can assist you.

Learn more about your onboarding responsibilities

  1. Do I need to use ECF Data services within a particular timeframe?
    You can use ECF Data services at any time, as long as your contract and SLA is active.
  2. How long is the typical onboarding engagement?
    The amount of time required depends on your organization’s scheduling needs—and your IT environment. However, on average, smaller onboarding engagements usually take approximately four to six weeks. Your ECF Data team will stay engaged with your organization until all eligible applications are provisioned and the adoption plan is under way.
  3. What markets are ECF Data services are available?

ECF Data engineers provide remote assistance within the United States, Canada, UK, Bermuda, Caribbean Islands, Cayman Island, US Virgin Islands, France, Spain, German, Italy, South America, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Greece, and Australia.

What are the Eligible Plans that my organization can purchase?


Office 365 Business
Office 365 Business Essentials
Office 365 Business Premium
Office 365 Education E5
Office 365 Enterprise E1
Office 365 Enterprise E3
Office 365 Enterprise E4
Office 365 Enterprise E5
Office 365 Enterprise K1
Office 365 Government E1
Office 365 Government E3
Office 365 Government E4
Office 365 Government K1
Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials
Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium
Office 365 Nonprofit E1
Office 365 Nonprofit E3
Office 365 ProPlus


Exchange Online Plan 1
Exchange Online Plan 2
Exchange Online Kiosk
Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection


Power BI Standard
Power BI Pro


Project Online with Project for Office 365
Project Online Essentials
Project Online Professional
Project Online Premium


SharePoint Online Plan 1
SharePoint Online Plan 2

Yammer Enterprise (standalone)
OneDrive for Business with Office Online

Skype for Business Cloud PBX
Skype for Business PSTN Calling
Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing
Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 1
Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2


Enterprise Mobility + Security
Enterprise Mobility + Security (as part of the Secure Productive Enterprise)
Microsoft Azure AD Premium
Microsoft Intune
Upgrades, Migrations, and Support of On-Premise Environments

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