While the world continues to grapple with Covid19, a glimmer of hope from Regeneron and its collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID) has finally moved into Phase 3 of clinical trials, the mass testing phase.

“We are pleased to collaborate with NIAID to study REGN-COV2 in our quest to further prevent the spread of the virus with an anti-viral antibody cocktail that could be available much sooner than a vaccine.”

George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D, Co-Founder

President and Chief Scientific Officer, Regeneron

Hooray for Collaboration

The team at Regeneron understands the power of collaboration, its investment in the past few short months reveals its doubling down on collaboration.

  • (Apr2020) Regeneron And Alnylam Announce Broad Collaboration To Discover, Develop And Commercialize Rnai Therapeutics Focused On Ocular And Central Nervous System (Cns) Diseases
  • (May 2020) Regeneron And Colorado Center For Personalized Medicine Announce Major New Human Genetics Research Collaboration
  • (June2020) Regeneron And Intellia Therapeutics Expand Collaboration To Develop Crispr/Cas9-Based Treatments

If you’re wondering how we know this, we’re proud to say we’ve made our contributions.

As a distributed workforce across the USA and Ireland, Regeneron recognized the challenges of using a mixed communications landscape. They wanted to improve collaboration across offices and manufacturing operations.

When our team at ECF Data finished the project, Regeneron got a standardized and simplified solution allowing their teams to seamlessly collaborate in conference rooms, desktops, and mobile devices across locations.

You can download and read more about  Activate DTx program here

The Clinical Trials

Before any medication gets introduced to the market, its journey starts inside the laboratory called the preclinical development. The goal here is to capture as much data inside the lab through a series of iteration proving the safety and effectiveness of a drug.

Once completed a very small dosage is then given to a small group of people to evaluate how the human body reacts to it. This is also known as phase zero of the clinical trials.

Phases 1 focuses on the drugs’ safety which REGN-COV2 received a positive review from the Independent Data Monitoring Committee based on hospitalized and non-hospitalized patient results.

In Phase 2 clinical trials, blind testing and placebos are utilized to increase the validity of research results and identify the drugs’ efficacy inside the human body.

Phase 3 is basically mass testing, for REGN-COV2 trials will be conducted on hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients across approximately 150 sites in the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

Fingers Crossed

This pandemic have altered society in countless of ways. To most, a persistent threat for one’s own life and the people they care for had become a source of stress. Even the economy is too scared to come out that all previous positive projections have ended up in the red.

Meanwhile, the pharma industry has created a race that no one organized but everyone’s trying to win. The game here though is not just limited to them and everyone is routing for players to win.

As news about Regeneron accomplishments starts to become viral themselves, the investor community has showed their support and created the new 52-week high with a stock price of $653.53. Are we looking at the unicorn stock that the biotech investors been chasing?

In line with these developments, Regeneron has signed a $450 Million contract with the US government and for its coronavirus therapy. This move is directly tied to Operation Warp Speed, a US government program aimed at accelerating access to vaccines and treatments to fight the coronavirus.

Let us keep our fingers crossed though, as data from FDA indicates that most medications that reach Phase 3 gets a 25%-35% probability of moving into phase 4 which is becoming FDA Approved.