Looking for a Microsoft Teams App Tutorial?

Microsoft Teams Best of Enterprise Connect

Winner 2019 Best Enterprise Connect

If you’ve overcome the simple hurdle of installing the app and the account creation process then you’re ready to use this.

Download this quick start guide and get on top of the mission-critical task.

Go beyond the basics of Microsoft Teams chat. Learn how to collaborate better and avoid project delays. Allow your team to navigate complex situations with focused effort and intelligent planning.

Learn how to do simple tasks like co-authoring documents or sync calendars for 1:1 calls or group meetings. Utilized thread-based channel conversation and create context around concepts.

Customize and extend Microsoft Teams capabilities with Bots and application integration.

No more switching between an array of platforms, no more siloed individuals.

Better Teams with Microsoft Teams.

Your Quick Start PDF Guide

Get insights from industry-specific use cases and find out how they ideate and build a collaborated solution.

  • Open Channel Communication
  • Co-author documents
  • Multi-project collaboration
  • Cloud document storage
  • Meetings and synced calendars
  • Remote presentation
  • External data monitoring

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