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One of the good things that came out of this pandemic is it became the tipping point that accelerated digital transformation. For consumers, this means one thing – efficient service, from providers.

This has also opened opportunities for small businesses that are agile and have started to pivot their process, market, and businesses to address new consumer expectations. Another level of challenge for business owners, a point that Microsoft sympathizes.

Microsoft has engaged ECF Data to lead its Microsoft Surface devices donation for minority business and women lead organizations. This is in line with their ongoing diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts to support small businesses. The devices are in-store demonstration units that are in prime working condition.

The versatility that these devices offer will allow the recipients to adapt to a diverse set of working styles. Be it individual ideation to company-wide innovation projects. Made possible on a secure device specifically built to match the hardware needs of the entire Microsoft suite.

The successful distribution of these devices were made possible by the Urban Chamber of Commerce Las Vegas. Their team helped us identify admirable organizations as well as the facilitation of device distribution.

Closed Doors, Opened Opportunities

The pandemic sent everyone on a forced exile, converting major cities into ghost towns. Without access to malls, buyers exodus went online and created a new wave of eCommerce boom. When the ripple reached Microsoft shores, the uptick of online sales made the change of consumer behavior apparent.

The online sales were not surprising for Microsoft, internal data showed this trend few years back. This pandemic has only accelerated and gave it a boost.

To accommodate this surge, store-based sales and support teams were transitioned to the online storefront.

In an official statement released on June 26, 2020, the company had announced that there is a strategic change in its retail operations.

“Our sales have grown online as our product portfolio has evolved to largely digital offerings, and our talented team has proven success serving customers beyond any physical location,”.

-- Microsoft

The closure of Microsoft stores since March, and the change of consumer behavior, plus the successful rollout of brick and mortar staff to remote support, the company believed that there is minimal need for a high street real estate and decide to close them for good. As the glass door showcase remained closed for most malls, the closure of Microsoft stores did not register on the consumer radar.

Microsoft has also indicated that no one is being let go, which keeps our story on a positive note.

Lightweight, but not amateur

Microsoft Surface devices are known for their performance and versatility – it’s light, powerful, and attractive. These next-generation professional grade machines are built with speed, graphics, and long battery life with tablet capabilities. Making them perfect for front-liners representing the voice and face of the organization.

Microsoft Surface, designed with technology to support the modern workforce. Hand it to your sales team, programmers, accountants, or your c-suites. Everyone in your organization will witness increased collaboration across disciplines.

These powerful devices are now enjoyed by enterprises which are owned, operated, and controlled by people of color and women lead organizations. It gives them a nudge up for a chance to adapt to the modern workplace demands.

About ECF Data LLC

ECF Data LLC is an SBA(8a) certified and minority business and we share the same experience as other minority business organizations. We understand how it is like to continuously deliver ones’ mission on a limited budget, something that is aggravated by Covid19 lockdowns.

Now more than ever, our commitment to deliver the best hardware and productivity infrastructure is at an all-time high. Our team recognizes the need to harmonize all efforts towards economic recovery at scale and getting our lives back to normal.

Since 2010, IT application and infrastructure architecture, implementation, and management have been the hallmark of our service.

We balance system consulting, integration, and management with industry standards and best practices. A one-to-one solution designed specifically for your organization.