REGN-COV2 an anti-viral antibody cocktail for the treatment and prevention of Covid19 is now in Phase 3 clinical trials

While the world continues to grapple with Covid19, a glimmer of hope from Regeneron and its collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID) has finally moved into Phase 3 of clinical trials, the mass testing phase."We are pleased to...

How the Medical Community Violate HIPAA Regulations with Zoom?

Reports gathered from the FBI shows how doctors using Zoom with their patients might disclose sensitive information without even knowing it.

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Honda Shutdown, by a Ransomware?

Honda Shutdown, by a Ransomware?

What is disheartening about this whole thing is that Honda, was one of the early automakers to put their production in hiatus in response to Covid19 and now they need to battle another type of virus.

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