If you’re caregiver using Zoom to communicate with your patients then I think you need to hear this; “you may be violating HIPAA regulations without even knowing it.”

With the increased need to keep the hospital decongested and limit physical contact between physicians and their patients, cloud-based video and web conferencing platforms like Zoom come into mind. These platforms offer everyone a chance to organize meetings, share documents and discuss important issues via video calls. They also come with their unique challenges.

The FBI has pointed out some security challenges showing how Zoom may not be compliant with HIPAA rules. Reports gathered from the FBI shows how doctors using Zoom with their patients might disclose sensitive information without even knowing it. The FBI report show how Zoom is prone to security challenges like video hijack, thus putting the physicians at the risk of facing HIPAA penalties.

Furthermore, medical practitioners using Zoom may be at the risk of exposing patient data and disclosing protected health information without their knowledge since the platform has become the latest target of hackers. This is possible because Zoom has no end-to-end encryption and utilize a combination of TCP and UDP connections, which are easier to hijack. The security models used by Zoom makes it possible for third-parties to hack into lines and gain access to important information about patients and also gain full control over what is shared between the doctors and their patients.

What is the way out?

To overcome this problem, experts are recommending the use of Microsoft Teams as a better choice. Microsoft Team is made available by value added Reseller like ECF Data a Microsoft Gold Partner. Using Microsoft TEAMS allow medical care experts to connect with their patients over a secured system. ECF Data can secure, manage, support, connect, and monitor all video connectivity and make sure all security processes are top-notch. This serves to reduce privacy breaches and increase the confidence level of your intended patients.

With ECF Data, patients don’t need to worry about what they tell their doctor during an online session as all information is highly secured HIPAA compliant.

Curious? Talk to ECF Data

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