ECF DATA helps your organization define a vision for a successful rollout.

This involves identifying and prioritizing relevant scenarios while learning about the tools and resources available as we help you plan a rollout. This stage is the most critical part of your journey. It makes you aware of the business goals you will look to later in determining your level of success.

Not every organization has the same situation in terms of internal resources to assist with the local rollout. Many companies find it valuable to leverage the specialized skills of ECF DATA during this process.

ECF DATA ensures that you have internal business sponsorship, coupled with on-site and local support, all backed up with the expertise of Engineers who perform these types of transitions every day.

The Envision stage allows you to prioritize resources for both you and ECF DATA, identify which business stakeholders need to be involved, and plan out best practices to ensure your employees are educated on the breadth of new services now available to them based on your personalized success plan.

This stage enables you to walk through each aspect of your planned rollout before a single user is affected. Whether you are interested in moving to Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, or other services, it’s critical to realize your business goals, local infrastructure requirements, timing, and resource needs. This process allows you to look both holistically at your overall goals as well as spend time on specific productivity workloads you may want to tackle first.

For example, Microsoft Office 365 offers a broad set of cloud-based services to empower your users to be more productive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. When your deployment is complete, your employees will have services available on all their devices, with the ability to access their data from anywhere. The payoff for employee productivity can be dramatic and show immediate benefits for your business.


ECF DATA helps you create a blueprint for managing your rollout.

The Onboard process helps you answer key questions around what role your internal team will play in the transition. With the project plan in place, it’s time to start the active process of preparing your business for the cloud. You can reference your success plan throughout the entire engagement by contacting your dedicated ECF DATA Manager and ECF DATA Engineer to get you up to speed on various tasks associated with the rollout.

During the Onboard stage, you work remotely with the ECF DATA team to ready your environment. With engineers around the globe, the ECF DATA team is committed to guiding IT professionals to a successful rollout.

ECF DATA handles personal interactions via the telephone and through one-to-one web experiences. In some circumstances ECF DATA will travel to your location based on the complexity of the rollout. ECF DATA partners with you and invests in the success of your business. Our goal is to ensure you realize the full value from your investment.

ECF DATA Managers will perform the project management responsibilities on your behalf. Our team is practiced in working both with internal customer resources and through partners to execute success plans.

The ECF DATA Engineers coordinates the setup, configuration, and provisioning of your services, including assistance with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Office 365 ProPlus, Yammer, Project, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Azure, and additional services as required.

ECF DATA will need access and permissions to necessary infrastructure. If you are unable to provide this remote access, the ECFDATA team will provide remote assistance during the rollout.


To begin with, your dedicated ECF DATA Manager schedules a success planning call with your internal adoption team. On this call, you learn the capabilities of the eligible services you purchased.

You also cover the methodologies for driving usage of the service and relevant scenarios you can use to get business value from these products. ECF DATA assists you in optimizing your success plan as well as providing feedback.


We work with your internal team to assess your environment and successful onboarding requirements. Using specialized tools, ECF DATA can gather data and guide you through estimating bandwidth requirements and examining your Internet browsers, client operating systems, Domain Name System (DNS), network, infrastructure, and identity system to determine if any changes are required prior to proceeding with deployment.

Based on your current setup, ECF DATA helps build a remediation plan that brings your local environment up to the minimum requirements for successful onboarding of the service. We guide you through an analysis and remediation process for each service you elect to deploy.


If the ECF DATA team has identified any issues with your local environment during assessment, ECF DATA will help you make the necessary changes to your local systems before proceeding.

We can arrange checkpoints with you to monitor progress of this plan, ensuring you have everything you need to be ready for the migration of services.


When all remediation activities are complete, now it’s time to configure the core infrastructure for service consumption, provision online services, and conduct the activities to drive usage.

This includes working with your organization’s information technology team and ECF DATA to activate your tenant, add a domain, transition pilot users, and validate network connectivity as well as other relevant activities specific to the service you are deploying.


ECF DATA can assist you with migrating data from on-premises servers and other cloud-based services to the Microsoft Cloud. Customer environments vary, so it’s critical to complete an assessment first to understand resource roles and responsibilities during the migration. ECF DATA can migrate your email, file storage, and SharePoint sites. ECF DATA offers automated data migration services for moving email from local Exchange servers, IBM Domino environments, Google Apps for Work, Novell GroupWise, and IMAP-capable email servers. ECF DATA also can assist you in moving your documents from Box, Dropbox, and SharePoint.


ECF DATA is here to help drive more value for your business.

ECF DATA goal is to help you realize this value quickly, ensure that your employees are reaping the rewards of your investment, and manage the services you’ve adopted.

ECF DATA provides you with a wide range of services and tools you can use with your employees’ successful adoption of Office 365. Leveraging the Service Management Toolkit and the Admin Learning Center helps your administrators stay informed and effectively manage the new environment.

ECF DATA works with your internal business stakeholders to leverage known best practices to drive usage of your new services throughout your organization. Each employee has specific technology needs.

ECF DATA has a robust set of tools and guides specifically geared toward different roles within an organization, including individuals in HR, R&D, finance, legal, IT, and sales. Access to a breadth of resources and materials can be found digitally and on demand.

Materials include user training, templates, flyers, and tips. Leveraging these tools at each stage of the rollout ensures that your employees are ready for the changes to their work environment, can take full advantage of the technology available to them, and will maximize the productivity by accessing their information from anywhere, at any time.

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