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For Security and Compliance

ECF Data has spent the last decade helping enterprises fend cyber threats.

Together with Microsoft, we enable organizations to build collaborative teams within a secure industry-specific compliant infrastructure.

The ever-growing list of cyber threats continues to crawl in the shadows. Lurking within emails, browsers, and now mobile apps.

Some viruses like its biological cousins, spyware, or adware, have no intention of damaging its host and just want to keep extracting resources.

While ransomware and denial of service (DOS) attacks, wants to cash in quickly and threaten organizations with digital asset loss.

These cyber-threats are now part of our digital landscape.

Our team of Engineers at ECF Data can help you.

For Complex Exchange Migrations

Our email server deployments and email migration services are designed to serve user needs and align with company policies. The best practices we implement allows us to mitigate risk and reduce user downtime consistently.

ECF Data a  Microsoft Certified Gold Partner


One-time License Fee

Exclusive Server Access

Control Feature Availability


99.9% Uptime

No Maintenance

Leveraged Data Security

Microsoft 365

The Power of Exchange

The Leverage On Cloud

For The Modern Workforce

Kudos to ECF Team!

Thank you for helping us navigate the complex migration process.

Your assistance in preparing our existing environment, migrating from google suite services, as well as cleaning our legacy service was topnotch.


Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, CloudBolt.io

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When email security and compliance matters

Microsoft Exchange

The Market Leader for Enterprise-Class Email

Microsoft Exchange Deployment by ECF Data

For regulated industries, the need to run mission-critical applications for their email is always imperative. Now that the end of life support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 draws near. Just like every organization that does not have security patches, the risk of falling victim to cybercrime is imminent


Improved Code-Base

Multi-Factor Authentication

Eliminates Threats Even Before It Gets To You

Seamless Integration

Single Sign On

Improved Search Technology

Faster Response w/ Meta Cache Database

ECF Data Support


Phone Calls

On Site Assistance


Most improvements done on Microsoft Exchange 2019 is in the background. For the end users, it translates to a more secure, faster application. The delight does not end there, end user now gets the ability  to prevent email forward on meeting invites, smarter calendar management and internationalized character support for non-english email addresses.

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