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Our business phones have served us well. While they are a staple in our desks, the communication needs of many companies have evolved. International calls, dealing with different time zones, and limited mobility are only some of the disadvantages that many are not willing to compromise, especially with the higher demands of businesses. The concept of calling, as simple as it is, can be more simplified and innovated in order to reach to more people efficiently and effectively.

One call away, redefined

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100% cloud-based PBX system

Productivity boost

Video calling, screen sharing, and video conferencing are only some of the features that can be enjoyed with Teams, which makes the world of a difference.

Collaborate effectively

Share documents without being hindered by time zones, location, and devices.

Reliable connections

 A laggy call can disrupt focus, attention, and communication. Being on the cloud means, uninterrupted conversations, no matter where you are in the world.

Two options of connecting with existing Public Switched Telephone System (PTSN) is also possible with Microsoft Teams:

  1. Avail the Microsoft Calling Plan, an everything-in-the-cloud solution with Microsoft as your PTSN carrier. Choose between domestic or domestic and international, depending on your business’ needs.
  2. For on-premises PTSN connectivity, your existing telephony infrastructure can be used.

How your business can benefit from the Microsoft Teams Phone System:


There’s no reason for you to miss out on old-school phones because despite being on cloud, all the features can still be experiences.

  • Holding
  • Forwarding
  • Transferring A Call
  • Speed Dial
  • Rejecting A Call With  A Busy Signal
  • Dynamic Emergency Calling


A different auto-attendant for each number can be set up from the admin center. It can be tweaked based on the conditions set.

  • Music
  • Greeting Message

Configuring Instruction Can All Be Done Through This Feature.


Aside from the typical audio recording, voicemails can be converted into text transcription, which can be accessed through Microsoft exchange.

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