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CloudBolt Software Inc.   Background

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Mathew Humphreys

Director, IT Service Delivery Manager

One of the leading biotechnology companies, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ is established with the goal of inventing treatment for serious conditions. Its offices are in various parts of the United States (New York, New Jersey, and Washington) and Europe (United Kingdom and Ireland).


Regeneron is sponsoring a sub project called: Skype for Business (SfB) Tarrytown Deployment – (the “Project”), under the existing UCC project. The goal of which is for ECF Data is to assist Regeneron in the deployment of SfB Production Server Infrastructure in Tarrytown.

During this engagement, the ECF Data resources Lorem ipsum may be asked to perform a range of activities, within their skill sets, to include but not limited to:

  • Skype for Business Platform Services Assessment
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Design
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Migration
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Operational Support

Project SCOPE

The Scope of Services to be provided by Provider in the Statement of Work includes the following:

  • The delivery and implementation of the Skype for Business Server deployment in Tarrytown, New York.
  • Configuring resiliency and Testing with existing SfB Infrastructure
  • Assist in the configuration of AA Exchange Unified Messaging and integration with existing phone system
  • Document assist with implementation for Kemp Load Balancers supporting SfB in Tarrytown.
  • Perform various activities as it relates to the SfB Deployment project.
  • Assisting the Project Manager, Business and System Owners with the SfB Deployment Project
  • Working with vendors and internal staff as it relates to the project.

Also, the Scope of Services includes the following Resource Technical Skills:

  • Expert level understanding of Microsoft SfB Platform.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize.
  • Risk management
  • Identifying and solving complex technical issues.
  • Understand messaging operational processes

Advancing the power of science through Skype for Business

Founded in 1988, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is on a mission to translate its expertise in science, through the contribution of its 1,100 MD’s, PhD’s, and PharmaD’s, in developing medicines for people with serious diseases.


  • Improved communication
  • Cross-platform support
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings




United States, United Kingdom

Number of Users

Large (1,000 – 9,999 employees)

Technology Environment

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Exchange Online

Azure AD

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint

“Traditional phones have served us well. But welcoming a more advanced system only improved Regeneron’s productivity. There’s no looking back now.”

Mathew Humphreys,
Associate Director of UC,
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Established in 1988, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has established its name by putting the power of science in developing medicine to help people with serious illnesses such as cancer, allergic and inflammatory diseases, eye disease, etc. Having eight offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland, the company boasts that 100% of their entire candidates are formulated and developed in-house.

Gearing towards an advanced solution

Communication is a vital part of Regeneron’s success. With people sometimes out-of-the office or with its eight satellite offices scattered around the globe, getting a hold of someone can be challenging with traditional phone systems. With the company’s pressing projects, a solution for this is only need.

Though the existing Nortel and Avaya PBX was working for Regeneron, its quality can be compromised, and its licensing can be quite expensive. The usual desk phone, even though it worked for decades, can pose certain disadvantages that are Lorem ipsum already addressed by advanced communication portals. The benefits in productivity and cost are quick for them to realize to avail a quick solution.

Regeneron plans to pilot the digital transformation project on their headquarters in Tarrytown, New York.

Discovering new systems

The saying “Old ways are hard to break” stands true for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ communication system. ECF Data introduced the Skype for Business Enterprise Voice as a solution. ECF Data is an IT service firm, a Microsoft Gold partner, and has an excellent track record on this field. Transitioning Regeneron’s system to SfB fulfills all their requirements regarding their communication needs.

“It wasn’t hard to trust ECF because their profile shows that they are experts in IT. Moreover, the Sr. SfB Consultant / Engineer and SfB Operational Support Engineer that are handling this project has more than ten years of experience, so we know that we are in good hands,” says Mathew Humphreys, Associate Director of UC, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

More than one way of communication

With the newly installed Skype for Business, the employees of Regeneron can now avail of the numerous ways of communicating such as voice, instant messaging, conference call, and video. They can also detect the availability of the person that they are messaging.

“Dialing the phone is easy but it’s revelation that Skype is more. The interface is extremely easy to use so rolling it out on the 8,000 users did not become too complicated.” Humphreys said. Getting everyone in a meeting or simply catching up with a co-worker can simply be done with just a few clicks.

The system may be simple, but according to Humphreys, it translated in the company’s productivity and savings. “We can instantly feel the upgrade because it doesn’t end with communication. It translated with collaboration.” Humphreys added.

Though the Skype for Business available on different platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, ditching the physical phone was not an option for Regeneron. Which is why ECF deployed Poly phones to the environment. Poly provides the broadest set of Microsoft Teams phones. It is equipped with noise reduction feature and enhanced sound capabilities, all embodied in one sleek design.

Making life easy is possible

Skype for Business allowed Regeneron to engage the different departments work on a project seamlessly and efficiency.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals engaged ECF Data to assist Regeneron in deploying Skype for Business in their Tarrytown Infrastructure. In addition, ECF will setup resiliency with existing infrastructure.

Mathew Humphreys, Assoc. Director of UC, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals says, “There’s really a power in message and it simply doesn’t end with the message itself but how it is cascaded. Skype for Business made it easier to successfully do that.”

The power of message

It is apparent that the simple change has translated into a productivity boost and cost savings. “There’s really a power in message and it simply doesn’t end with the message itself but how it is cascaded. Skype for Business made it easier to successfully do that.” Humphreys mentioned. Because sending the message is done in a quick and simple manner, it did not take long for Regeneron’s employees to adjust with the new system.

“Being in-the-know anytime and anywhere is important for our company because we work on a series of collaborations.” Humphreys added. For so long, the Regeneron’s been using the power of science to help people with serious conditions but delivering that to the people is important.

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