Case Study- Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Security + Oprations

Biotechnology company achieves success with the cloud    even from work-from-home set-up

For 30 years, Regeneron has been sitting its expertise, along with its team of experts to fulfill its assignment, to put science in its best to help people with serious conditions. So far, it has formulated 8 FDA-approved products in its laboratories.


  • Greate Security Responce Speed
  • Improved efficiency in vulnerabili response
  • Increased annual savings
  • Enhanced flexibility on a single platform


  • Pharmaceuticals


  • United States United Kingdom. and Ireland

Number of Users

  • Large (1.000-9,999 employes)

Technology Environment

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business

"Now that the company has shi to remote work, it is great to kr that we can handle security thre no matter how complicated they better."

Lance Peet,
Director of IT Service Delivery Manager
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Transforming lives is a bold claim, but Regeneron takes up that challenge, for 30 years in fact. The American biopharmaceutical company uses the power of science to invent medicines that will treat serious diseases. Currently, Regeneron has eight FDA-approved medicines all in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular and muscular diseases, eye disease, allergic and inflammatory disease, pain and rare diseases, and infectious diseases

Time for something better

Regeneron's responsibility does not enc with its staff and partners, but it resonates with all the people who use their products Because of this, the company needs to be in its best performance, this includes security against all possible threats. With the surge of coronavirus cases, employees were encouraged to work-from-home. This means, relying on the cloud, which, in effect, raises security risks.

Though it has an active ServiceNow for Security + Operations, it was experiencing malfunctions with its reporting because of several customizations in place. The company is craving for such enhancements in reporting, importing Threat Intelligence feeds, and Performance Analytics. Employees are manually creating teren por as well, which does not only use up a lot of time and money but is also prone to errors.

Security for evolving threats

In need of a solution, Regeneron sought the services of ECF Data. The Las Vegas-based IT servicing firm has been in the business for 10 years and has previously worked on a series of projects with Regeneron. According to Lance Peet. Director of IT Service Delivery Manager, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, "We are familiar with how ECF works closely with clients, so we already have an idea on what to expect with their quality of service.

Treating each client uniquely, ECF conducted a series of consultations to determine their specific needs. They have partnered with ServiceNow, a cloud-based organization that delivers SaaS for technical management support. From there, two solutions were drawn: Security Incident Response and Vulnerability Response.

Solution 1: Security Incident Response

One of the solutions that ECF suggested was the ServiceNow Security Incident Response. It is a security orchestration and automation res (SOAR) solution that simplifies the determination of critical incidents and delivers workflow and automation tools to fasten remediation.

Regeneron's Security Incident Response tickets were returned to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) state and process flow. The configuration of Performance Analytics followed to gather the average time to Respond, Identify and Resolve tickets, and make a centralized view of performance. Using ServiceNow's capability in predictive intelligence and automation, ECF incorporated Virus Total to automate thread lookups. Moreover, they also imported Threat Intelligence feeds, to connect threats to Security Incidents. Lastly, the Security Incident Catalog was added to Regeneron's Service portal. This allows employees to report security incidents and ECF set up the Post Incident Review for critical Security Incidents

According to Peet. "This solution saved a lot of our time because many of the task are autodmeted, like approval requests, threat enrichment, and malware

Working Smarter with the Cloud

Upgrading the subscription with ServiceNow has allowed Regeneron to identify, prioritize, and respond more quickly and more efficiently with security threats.

"Now, we get the peace of mind knowing that we can prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and security incidents faster." says Lance Peet, Director of IT Services Delivery Manager, Regeneron Pharmaceutical.

Solution 2: Vulnerability Response

The vulnerability response integrates Qualys with ServiceNow. It permits vulnerabilities to be Imported into Regeneron's Now Platform. Vulnerability Calculators were also installed so that risk rating to each vulnerability is automatically attached and auto-assignment rules were configured to direct vulnerability tickets to the right remediation team.

Based on specific criteria, business rules were put in place to automatically defer and close vulnerabilities. More than that a catalog item was implemented on the Service Portal, which allows employees to manually seek a vulnerability scan if needed.

Regeneron configured Performance Analytics to track essential data like the average time to remediate and issue, open critical vulnerabilities by assignment group, a number of critical vulnerabilities, and a number of open and closed tickets per month This is extremely helpful for us because we can enhance tracking and accountability," Peet said.

This Solution helped Regeneron to respond faster and more efficiently to vulnerabilities, connect security and IT Teams, and have real time visibility.

Expanding opportunities

Though the issue was addressed beforehand, hence, the existing ServiceNow subscription, availing additional services benefited the company, not just with security tools, but additional time and savings as well.

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