Case Study - Regeneron Exchange Migration

Case Study Information

ECF Delivery Manager

Joseph Henderson

ECF Project Manager

Holly Butler

ECF Consultant / Engineer

Case Study Author Name

Jan Acenas and Janina Criador

Case Study Author Contact Details |


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Lead Contact Name

Lance Peet

Lead Contact Position

Director, IT Service Delivery Manager

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Founded in 1988, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading name in the feild of biotechnology. The Company is set on the mission to translate science to treatment in order to help patients with serious conditions.

Project Objective

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals engaged with ECE Data to provide technical Microsoft Exchange Migration and Engineering Services. The nature of these tasks will focus or migrating Regeneron to Exchange online.

Point Of Contact

Authorized By


Joseph Henderson




4778 S. Durango Drive Suite 206 Las Vegas, NV 89147

Office Phone:

(702) 780-7901


(702) 780-7902


During this engagement, the ECF Data resources may be asked to perform a range of activities, within their skill sets, to include but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Teams Environment Services Assessment
  • Microsoft Teams Environment Services Design • Microsoft Teams Environment Services Migration
  • Microsoft Teams Environment Services Operational Support


The Scope of Services that was provided in a Statement of Work included working with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. team to Change Management process of Microsoft Team's Application Conferencing and Calling. ECF Data will meet the following Services Objectives.

  • Defining change management strategy, define reports and updates for the change management team, and aide in developing sponsorship model during the Change Management Initiation Phase
  • Work with various Regeneron departments to implement Microsoft Team's Voice, Conference, Application Sharing and Chat.
  • Development and Execution of the Measurement Plan (Tied to End User Adoption)
  • Provide support for the Regeneron Change Manager for the Microsoft Team's Voice, Conference, Application Sharing and Chat Project
  • Work with vendors and internal staff as it relates to the Change Management process for the Microsoft Team's Voice, Conference, Application Sharing and Chat Project.
  • Work with Regeneron to Identify your key stakeholders, champions, and user profiles
  • Conduct a pilot that includes business users, champions, and IT professionals.
  • Build a champion program alongside your service deployment with Regeneron


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. Utilizes its expertise and passion for science to change the lives of many since its founding in 1988. With 100% of its drug candidates invented and formulated in-house it is no wonder that it was awarded #1 in the Science magazine's global top employer survey for seven of the past ten years.


  • increased productivity
  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Enhanced security
  • Cost saving




United States, United Kingdom

Number of Users

Large (1,000-9,999 employees)

Technology Environment

  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Microsoft Office 365

"Now that we have adopted Microsoft Exchange Online, we do not have to worry about security, being on separate locations, or working in the office or home."

Lance Peet,
Director IT Service Delivery
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

As one of the names that are making strides in discovering the cure for coronavirus, Regeneron is dubbed as one of the leading biotechnology companies in the United States. Its established name and reputation are backed up being more than 30 years in the scientific field, developing eight FDA-approved medicines, all of which are crafted in their own laboratories.

Seeking better solutions

The damage that the pandemic has pushed pharmaceutical companies to work twice as fast in searching for its cure. For Regeneron, work is hot limited to the laboratories to achieve success. The company's entire system works together to ensure that it is a step closer to COVID-19's end.

Productivity boost hacked

Regeneron partnered with ECF Data to improve their existing email system. With the pressing need for its implementation, it is also important for the pharma company for it to be done seamlessly. Lance Peet, Assoc. Director IT Service Delivery Manager, Regeneron, stated "Like us, ECF has an excellent track record with IT services. We can't afford to take risks at this point in time so choosing a Microsoft partner for this project is simply an easy decision."

ECF Data LLC recommended the migration of the entire email server to Microsoft Exchange Online

Emails are an integral part of Regeneron's ecosystem. While an existing model is being used by the company, it poses risks in security and being lost. Moreover, having 18,000 existing mailboxes and its offices scattered into eight different locations poses certain challenges.

Keeping everyone coordinated 24/7

The shift to Microsoft Exchange Online has exhibited significant changes in the company's work environment. "It can be quite hard to grasp how as simple as emails can affect the productivity of people. But then, having an unreliable set-up significantly affects how our employees work. Peet said.

Because of the 18,000 mailboxes for the company, some experienced emails not being received by the recipient. Peet added, “Though a simple task, the email being lost without back-up can be daunting especially during this pandemic when we highly rely on it as our form of communication."

The Microsoft Exchange online allowed Regeneron's employees to collaborate and communicate despite its many users in various locations. "Being accessible anywhere has been an immense help for our employees. Not everyone can have the access to their laptops and PC's allows them to stay connected anytime, anywhere." Pete mentioned.

Project collaborations made easy

Project collaborations are vital for Regeneron. With 1,100 MD's, PhD's, and PharmD's, each has their own specialization that would significantly contribute to a project. The Microsoft Exchange Online permits Regeneron to exchange ideas and information in a preeze.

Better ways, better days...

Applying Microsoft Exchange Online for Regeneron gave the company a platform to increase their employees' productivity.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Regeneron) engaged ECF Data to provide technical Microsoft Exchange Migration and Engineering Services. The nature of these tasks will focus on migrating Regeneron to Exchange online.

Lance Peet, Assoc. Director IT Service Delivery Manager says:

"Our improved email server came in handy especially during the pandemic, but we are certain that we will continuously experience its benefits post-COVID."

"Microsoft takes it seriously on their claim that it keeps everyone on the loop," Peet said

Exchange Online allows recent project joiners to be updated by giving them access to old messages and files. There is also one spot where all the important data is stored. Because of this, users are given the freedom to keep their data in their inbox or place it in a searchable archive for future access.

Simple change, unlimited possibilities

Even though it is fairly new since Regeneron adopted the Microsoft Exchange Online in its system but reaping its benefits did not take long to be realized. According to Peet, "Our improved email server came in handy especially during the pandemic, but we are certain that we will continuously experience its benefits post-COVID. Right now, no one can predict how long this pandemic's going to last, but it's great to know that we were able to adapt and remain operational".

Equipped with a new solution, Regeneron can work more efficiently towards its mission of using the power of science to bring new medicines to people.

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