Case Study - Curaleaf Microsoft Office Engineering Pilot

Case Study Information

ECF Delivery Manager

Joseph Henderson

ECF Project Manager

Takiya Brandon

ECF Consultant / Engineer

Case Study Author Name

Janina Criador

Case Study Author Contact Details


Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

Lead Contact Name

Tony Gage

Lead Contact Position

Vice President of It

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Curaleaf is an American cannabis company that produces premium mainstream cannabis brands. Its headquarters is located in Wakefield, Massachusetts but operating dispensaries in 23 states.

Project Objective

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. engaged ECF Data to provide Office 365 Engineering Services Governance and review design, to implementation and migration documents and strategies for Office 365 Platform Services. The nature of these tasks focused on the objective of providing a secure, reliable and scalable Office 365 Platform environment to a pilot group of about 50 usershxecutives in preparation for a larger rollout in 2020.

Point Of Contact

Authorized By


Joseph Henderson




4778 S. Durango Drive Suite 206 Las Vegas, NV 89147

Office Phone:

(702) 780-7901


(702) 780-7902


During this engagement, the ECF Data resources may be asked to perform a range of activities, within their skill sets, to include but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Assessment
  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Design
  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Migration
  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Operational Support

Project Scope

The Scope of Services provided in the Statement of Work included working with Curaleaf team to conduct a Pilot deployment to 50 existing users/systems.

  • Reviewing Azure AD Users Groups, Applications, Other Services and Features
  • Reviewing identity policies, Exchange Online mailboxes and services, and Office 365 workloads
  • Recommending third-party tool for Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive migration
  • Pilot Setup and configuration to emulate the production roll out.
  • Office 365 Tenant setup for Azure AD Device Synchronization and Conditional Access to support.
  • Assist with cleanup of user and devices in Azure AD
  • Create Conditional Access Policies based on devices using Azure AD and Intune to support Multi Factor Authentication - MFA was pulled
  • Configure of Intune to support pilot and configure Exchange DLP policies.
  • Configure MAM policies to support pilot - pulled out of scope

An American cannabis company's revenue growth soars with Office 365

Curaleaf is a cannabis company that is engaged in the interest of medical and wellness operations. The whole operation of Curaleaf surrounds with cultivation, dispensing, and headquarters is processing. in Its headquarters is in Wakefield, Massachusetts.


  • Enhanced security system
  • More productive employees
  • Increased transparency
  • Improved collaboration between departments, offices, and clients


Cannabis Industry


United States of America

Number of Users

3,000+ employees

Technology Environment

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive

"Our company is far from traditional and with that, we can say that we welcome anything that's modern. Office 365 gives us a peace of mind that despite being on cloud, everything's safe and secure."

Tony Gage,
Vice President of IT,
Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

With 23 operating states and more than 350,000 registered patients. Curaleaf Holdings Is dubbed as the largest national retail dispensary The American cannabis company produces ana distributes premium cannabis brands that is available in various product formats like topical lotions, vape oils and concentrates, mints and lozenges, capsules and tinctures, and edibles.

Fearing the cloud

With its founding in 2010, Curalean bagged multiple achievements tha only for the extraordinary. Obtai the largest stock offering in cannabis industry's history and sco the world's largest cannabis comp it seems that there's no stopp Curaleaf's success.

Hitting several birds with one stone

Being previously limited with the functions of their existing system, ECF Data LLC suggested to enhance it by integrating Office 365. Through this, the company would have a centralized system that would help them organize and collaborate a quicker and much efficient manner

ECF, like Curaleaf, has been in the business since 2010 and a Microsoft Gold partner. According to Tony Gage, Senior Vice President of It curaleaf "We appreciate that ECF sit down and listened to what our company needs. Of course, because they are also recommending Microsoft solutions, sending them our stamp of approval did not come as a struggle

If there's one challenge that the company's facing, it is keeping up both with competition and continuously improving the products and service. Curaleaf is craving for a better system that would allow their company to manage everything on their plate.

The company relied on the existing email provider and storage system. Even though it does the job, employees experiencing certain glitches like emails being lost and files being hard to access, certainly wasn't helping them.

Peace of mind despite the cloud

Curaleaf decided to test the waters first by migrating 50 users and executives to Office 365. After completing it for three months, users were able to access all the necessary data, files, and emails using their smartphones, laptop, and desktop, anytime, anywhere.

More importantly, the usual apprehension of the security risks of transferring to the cloud drastically reduces as Microsoft takes on all the responsibility for reliability and security. "As part of the IT, it's extremely beneficial for us because there are back-up systems included in case something's corrupted," Gage says. One of the features of Office 365 is that it has a Data Loss Prevention Policy, wherein it identifies, monitors, and protects sensitive information from leaving your turf.

"Data protection is such a huge issue for us and there's such a relief knowing that all the files that we have are safe and secure, even when it is accessed through mobile phones," Gage remarked. The system is designed in a way that, even though the employee's phone gets stolen or lost, the company can still delete the data on the phone, without needing it.

Built-in security features

Curaleaf proves that there's no reason to worry once in the cloud with the implementation of Office 365. Because of its built-in security features that analyzes threats and prevents data loss, files are kept intact no matter what.

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (Curaleaf) engaged ECF Data to provide Office 365 Governance and Engineering Services to implementation review and design, migration documents and strategies for Office 365 Platform Services.

Tony Gage, Vice President of IT, Curaleaf Holdings says "We appreciate that it gives us the security that we need without exerting too much money, time, and effort. But we also can't dismiss the fact that it's been helping us a lot with our productivity, Orgenization and time efficiency.

The benefits are branching out

It was not long before Curaleaf experienced the other gains that come with using Office 365. According to Gage, "We got on board because of the peace of mind, but we didn't realize that it's doing more than that."

Project collaboration is a vital part of this American company. Because there's now a centralized location of where the files are and because connecting with other people can be easily done with a few clicks, it seems the road to productivity comes in a straight path. "We love that there's transparency now. Because the platform is very easy to navigate, people can easily see the people who are involved and what is the project's progress.

The greener side

"When we set our company, we're always thinking of the future because our product sets out that concept. Adopting a new concept is such a fitting idea for us, and we definitely have no regrets." Gage says.

Rolling out Office 365 to 50 of Curaleaf's employees is only a pilot project but pushing it to more users is possible in the future.

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