Case Study - Curaleaf End Point Management

Case Study Information

ECF Delivery Manager

Joseph Henderson

ECF Project Manager

Holly Butler

ECF Consultant / Engineer

Case Study Author Name

Janina Criador

Case Study Author Contact Details


Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

Lead Contact Name

Tony Gage

Lead Contact Position

Vice President of It

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Curaleaf is an American cannabis company that produces premium mainstream cannabis brands. Its headquarters is located in Wakefield, Massachusetts but operating dispensaries in 23 states.

Project Objective

Curaleaf engaged ECF Data to provide a technical Office 365 Assessment of Services to review design, implementation and migration documents and strategies for Office 365 Platform Services. The nature of these tasks will focus on the objective of providing a secure, reliable and scalable Office 365 Platform environment.

Point Of Contact

Authorized By


Joseph Henderson




4778 S. Durango Drive Suite 206 Las Vegas, NV 89147

Office Phone:

(702) 780-7901


(702) 780-7902


During this engagement, the ECF Data resources may be asked to perform a range of activities, within their skill sets, to include but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Assessment
  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Design
  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Migration
  • Microsoft Office 365 Platform Services Operational Support

Project Scope

The Scope of Services provided in this case study included working with Curaleaf team to conduct deployment to 50 existing users/ systems. The Scope of Services includes the following:

  • Assessing the Source and targeting Office 365 Tenants
  • Reviewing Azure AD Users, groups, applications, and other services and features
  • Reviewing identity and security policies
  • Reviewing Exchange Online mailboxes and services
  • Reviewing Office 365 workloads, e-mail, SharePoint, OneDrive
  • Configuring Intune to support pilot.
  • Configure Exchange DLP policies.

Largest US cannabis company continues to cultivate more confidence Microsoft Intune

Curaleaf is the world's largest cannabis producer by revenue. Holding the future of the industry, Curaleaf is focused on providing health and wellness to its patients through cannabis products. It offers multiple product formats, curated from the cleanest, and purest cannabis strains from its 93 dispensaries.


Improved communication More productive staff members .

Increased savings

Enhanced collaboration


Cannabis Industry


United States of America

Number of Users

3,000+ employees

Technology Environment

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Active Directory

"Even though we have a forward-thinking, there's no denying that going full force with the Cloud gives us apprehensions. Diving Diving with Microsoft Intune allows us to be in control despite giving our staff the freedom to work on their devices."

Tony Gage,
Vice President of IT,
Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

Massachusetts-based company Curaleaf is the world's largest cannabis producer by revenue. Holding the future of the industry, Curaleaf is focused on providing health and wellness to its patients through cannabis products. It offers multiple product formats, curated from the cleanest, and purest cannabis strains dispensaries. from its 93 dispensaries.

Always a step ahead

Having offices in different countries can be taxing in terms of carrying tasks, communicating with partners, and ensuring the security of the company's files. Curaleaf called the services of ECF Data to provide assistance in these aspects.

According to Tony Gage, Vice President of IT, Curaleaf Holdings, "ECF and Curaleaf started almost the same time. We appreciate that they took the time to listen and understand not only the needs of our company but what would help us grow." ECF Data recommended Microsoft Intune to gain control and monitor access within the

organization. This cloud-based service keeps all the sensitive data secure without hindering

Always a step ahead

Founded in 2010, Curaleaf has been on a roll in terms of growth. Since 2018, after going public on Toronto's Canadian Securities Exchange, Curaleaf continuously received achievements including the largest stock offering in the history of the cannabis industry, the largest cannabis operator in the United States, and the world's largest cannabis company by revenue.

With its exponential progress comes greater responsibilities. With Curaleaf's operations taking over the 23 states and expansion plans in the future, it also hopes to move forward with its internal operations. Everyone being on the move, relying heavily on their mobile phones and laptops, it is important to gain access to important files to avoid delays.

Securing the business without the hold back

Thanks to the cloud, Curaleaf's operations seem borderless and broader than its coast-to-coast operations. With the staff being mobile, access to company data is essential. But with security risks, it is normal to have apprehensions.

"Curaleaf is always looking for ways to expand and now that we are literally mobile, doing that seems possible," Gage says. Composed of different departments, operating in almost half of the US states and handling 93 dispensaries, the collaboration between departments, partners, and clients contributes significantly to Curaleaf's success. "We also need to equip our employees with all the tools that they need to perform their jobs

But Microsoft Intune does not let the company files be free for all. "Because of the device enrollment and determined compliance policies features, we are relieved that our data is in a safe environment, Gage explains.

Going far beyond the bud

A company that is part of the future needs a tool that would help it position itself forward. Adopting Microsoft Intune into the organization's system allowed it to expand its capabilities without losing control or putting the company at risk.

"Sometimes, it hard to draw a line between the staff feeling that you're being suspicious and managing risks of leaking or hacking. Microsoft Intune delivers that perfect balance," Gage expounds. "Moreover, we're not taking our employees' work-and-life balance because they can keep it separate on their mobile devices."

Maximizing productivity through different devices

Though desktops are far from becoming obsolete, many devices serve as an alternative to carry on with a certain task. Through Endpoint Management, there's no need to plan, purchase, and maintain hardware and infrastructure.

"Many of our employees are young, partly because of the nature of qur industry. And based on our observation, many of them are using their phone, not just for communication, but for working as well." Gage states. Microsoft Intune allows your mobile phone to sync with the needs of your company because it can be set up to notify the person-in-charge in case there's a problem with the device.

"We have observed that productivity of the staff exponentially because they can do, even what is deemed as small on the palm of their fingers. If a c needs a certain file or if there questions that requires an answer, they can attend to it immediately." reiterates.

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