Case Study- Amgen PBX Replacement

Case Study Information

Microsoft Solution Name

Skype for Business Development Project(PBX Replacement)

ECF Delivery Manager

Joseph Henderson

ECF Project Manager

Takia Brandon

ECF Consultant/Engineer

Case Study Author Name

Janina Criador

Case Study Author Contact Details

Microsoft Solution Name


Amgen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Lead Contact Name

Terrance McElrath

Lead Contact Position

Senior IS Manager

Amgen Inc.

Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, Amgen Inc. is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company. It boasts of combination of the its value use of and science-based principles to discover and innovate medicines as treatment for serious illnesses.

Project Objective

Amgen, Inc. engaged ECF data to assist in deploying unified Web, Audio, and Voice Confrencing with Skype for Business.

Point of Contact

Authorized By:


Joseph Henderson




4778 S.Durango Drive Suite 206 Las Vegas, NV 89147

Office Phone:

(702) 780-7901


(702) 780-7901


During this engagement, the ECF Data resources may be asked to perform a range of activities, within their skill sets, to include but not limited to:

  • Skype for Business Platform Services Assessment
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Design
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Migration Skype for Business Platform Services Operational Support

Project Scope

The Scope of Services provided in the Statement of Work included the folowing:

  • Overseeing and working with various Amgen IT departments to implement Skype for Business.
  • The delivery of the Skype for Business Server deployment.
  • Assisting in the configuration of AA Exchange Unified Messaging and integration with the existing phone system.
  • Assisting the Project Manager, Business and System Owners with the SfB Deployment Project.
  • Working with vendors and internal staff as it relates to the project.

American multinational biopharma company widens its reach with Skype for Business

Amgen is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company that is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. It boasts of its use of combination of the value and science-based principles to discover and innovate medicines as treatment for serious illnesses...


  • Improved communication
  • More productive staff members
  • Increased savings
  • Enhanced collaboration




United States of America

Numbers of Users

22,000+ employees

Technology Environment

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype For Business

"With all our tasks, it's impossible to station the desk at all times. With Skype for Business, we can always keep our lines of communication open, no matter where we are."

Terrance McElrath,
Senior IS Manager,
Amgen Inc.

Located in Thousand Oaks, California, Amgen is one of the leading American biopharmaceutical companies. For forty years, the company has been applying the scientific method to discover and formulate a medicine that will cure serious diseases in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, bone health, nephrology, and inflammation. Its approach "Biology first" is deeply ingrained in its DNA and allows its experts to hexplore the complex.

The retirement of the PBX

Though the phone system has been tried and tested through time, there are more ways of communicating nowadays. Amgen called the services of ECF Data to help with their communication needs.

"We know that ECF is experts in their field. We really appreciate that they take the time to listen to our needs before drawing a solution. Of course, being a Microsoft Gold partner is a great bonus for us because we know we are in good hands."

ECF Data recommended standardizing their communication platform instead of using various technology channels like WebEx, InterCall, and Cisco/Nortel. The use of Skype for Business allows Amgen to minimize it but allowed them to benefit from its other features.

Simple solutions bringing greater impact

Using Skype for Business opened Amgen into different ways of communication that PBX was not able to do. Conducting meetings to partners, engaging conversation, and cascading information within departments and the entire office can be limiting with the use of traditional email and phone calls.

"Because our offices are scattered across the globe, video calls have helped us communicate better. Each department could easily share screens and send files, so collaborations are now seamless. It also helped us save from long-distance charges." McElrath stated.

Skype for Business is also not confined to one but can be synced on different devices such as laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. "Since it's compatible on different devices, we can take out meetings even we're out-of-office," McElrath added.

New Demands Requires New Solutions

"With almost everyone being on the-go, the traditional phone can lead to missed calls and opportunities. Currently, most of our employees are also working in groups, so having a one-on-one conversation, especially on company collaborations, rarely happens."

Terrance McElrath,

Senior IS Manager, Amgen Inc.

Limited Ways of Communications

For a company that is always pushing the boundaries of the scientific field, using the outdated PBX telephone system poses certain limitations, like not getting a message if out-of-office and costly long-distance fees. Though it served them well, Amgen needed an upgrade that would suit their modernizing systems and mobile staff.

Better communication, improved productivity

With Skype for Business, there's no excuse not to get in touch. Aside from the video calls and conferencing, users can also benefit from the instant messaging feature.

"It takes away the formality of emails, but at the same time, it lets us be in touch with our partners, do a quick follow up on projects, or ask a quick question to someone from the department, "says McElrath. The presence feature can also be advantageous for users, especially those in different time zones, as they can see one's available in just one glance.

He adds. "We can also see a big difference in our savings because we traded multiple platforms into one. We also don't depend on our IT staff because it is easy-to-use."

Moving forward with a streamlined solution

Amgen may always say, "Biology first," but communication also comes on top of its priority list. During this time, especially with the availability of social media platforms, sending a message takes seconds, and in Amgen there's no reason for us not to achieve that," McElrath states.

The traditional telephone system may have its advantages but times are changing, and our communication needs are evolving McElrath says, "Skype for Business has allowed us to enjoy the video, instant message, and presence features without the need to shift through different channels. This one is all that we need "

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