Case Study- Amgen Inc. Skype for Business Development Project



Amgen Inc.

Lead Contact Name

Terrance McElrath

Lead Contact Position

Senior IS Manager

Amgen Inc. Background

Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, Amgen Inc. is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company. It boasts of its use of combination of the value and science-based principles to discover and innovate medicines as treatment for serious illnesses.


Amgen, Inc. engaged ECF Data to assist in deploying unified Web, Audio, and Voice Comnfrencing with Skype for Business.


Authorized By:


Joseph Henderson




4778 S. Durango Drive Suite 206 Los Wegas, NV 89147

Office Phone:

(702) 780-7901


(702) 780-7901


During this engagement, the ECF Data resources may be asked to perform a range of activities, within their skill sets, to include but not limited to:

  • Skype for Business Platform Services Assessment
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Design
  • Skype for Business Platform Services Migration Skype for Business Platform Services Operational Support


The Scope Of Services provided in the Statement of Work Included the folowing:

  • Overseeing and working with Various Amgen IT departments to implement Skype for Business.
  • The delivery of the Skype for Business Server deployment.
  • Assisting in the configration of AA Exchange Unified Messaging and intigration with the existing phone system.
  • Assisting the Project Manager, Business and System Owners with the SfB Deployment Project.
  • Working with vendors and internal staff as it relates to project.

Biotechnology company achives success with the cloud even from work-from-home set-up

For 30 Years, Regeneron has been putting its expertise, along with its team of experts to fulfill its assignment, to put science in its best to help people with serious conditions. So far, it has formulated 8 FDA-approved products its laborotries.


  • Improved Communication
  • More Productive staff members
  • Increased savings
  • Enhanced collaboration




United States of America

Number of Users

22,000+ employees

Technology Environment

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business

"Switching to Skype for Business has allowed Amgen to collaborate better."

Terrance McElrath
Senior IS Manager
Amgen Inc.

The Mission of Amgen Pharmaceuticals May be rooted in a simple concept, but it serves a deeper meaning: to help patients. Since its founding in 1980, the biotechnological innovator is the world's leading indipendent companies. Fighting Against serious disease is its primary goal, and it concentrates on six areas, including oncology, bone health, neuroscience, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and nephrology.

Mix of conferencing technologies, scattered system

Composed of different teams with various expertise, Amgen is constantly working towards a scientific breakthrough, starting from the laboratory, clinic, to the marketplace. Because of this, the organization is structured so that each Amgen staff has the opportunity to reach their full potential to resonate with the company's direction

To further Amgen's mission, it needs to be in its best shape. As it works through a series of complex processes, it can easily get disoriented. Moreover, the use of various conferencing technologies like WebEx, InterCall, and Nortel/Cisco creates more confusion than help. The multiple communication programs translate to disintegration because of disjointed meeting experiences.

The tendency for miscommunication runs high, especially because it uses up a lot of bandwidth and not ideal for those who are not technologically-savvy and those who need to hold a conference with more than 100 participants. It causes the company to unneeded additional IT staffing higher operating costs, and inconsistencies in usage.

Less is Indeed, More

A call for something simple yet efficient is something that Amgen desperately needs. To help them, they engaged ECF Data for their IT needs. Based in Las Vegas, ECF has been in the business since 2010. The IT servicing firm recommended Skype for Business to streamline all their communication needs.

Unlike the standard telephone, this platform integrates channels of business communication and online meetings, including instant messaging, presence, voicemail, video and web conferencing, file transfers, Voice over IP, and email.

"We know that being in Amgen is more than just making a living. We have a huge responsibility in the medical field and the world. Communication is a huge part of our success." Terrance McElrath, (Company designation) Amgen says. "Our existing system clearly needs an upgrade, especially with all the demands of science and medicine. ECF was able to listen to what we need and come up with a solution."

Benefits Spiraling

Using Skype for Business allowed all the communication needs of this multinational biopharma company standardized. Because everything is streamlined and placed under one easy-to-use platform, the tendency for confusion, miscommunication, and data loss are all reduced.

"Amgen is basically present globally. Skype for Business has allowed everyone in the team to feel like they're in the same room. Meetings are more seamless because it does not use up a lot of bandwidth. Since it can also be integrated with Microsoft apps, we saw a drastic increase in productivity." McElrath added.

The improvement in the way messages is being cascaded translated, also resulted in the reduction of costs. According to McElrath, "There's no need to do cross-country visits or organize costly conferences because we can do the tasks either at the comforts of our homes or offices". Skype for Business can include 250 people In its online meetings, making everything inside the loop informed

Keeping in touch with just a few clicks

As a multinational company that is present in almost every country, different time zones can be a struggle especially if the way of communication is the traditional phone or programs with limitations. Skype for Business ensures global support and connectivity.

"It's easy to connect to our partners and employees who are on the other side of the globe because we can send them a message at any time of the day. Knowing if they are online or have already read the message also helps." McElrath stated.

Skype for Business can also be synced on different devices so there is no need to worry about being glued to the desktop the entire time. Rather than formal email, the casual setup of instant messaging makes the users be more at ease.

All in one plateform

Skype for Business has allowed Amgen to drop three of its communication platforms into one. The minimized structure did not compromise the company's needs and in fact, helped them because of its web and video conferencing and instant messaging features.

Amgen, Inc. engaged ECF Data to assist Amgen in deploying unified Web, Audio, and Voice Conferencing with Skype for Business.

"Though it is hard to bid goodbye to the programs that we are used to, we at Amgen, know that it's time to make a change With Skype for Business, there's no reason for us to look back Terrance McElrath Amgen

Old habits die easy

Old traditions are hard to break but gaining all the advantages that Skype for Business delivered cannot be dismissed.

Holding conferences of up to 250 people has been a standout feature. For a company like Amgen that brings the power of science to heal those who are in need, keeping everyone in close contact is essential Holding conferences, closing deals with partners, and consultations are all easily done with just a few clicks.

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