There has never been a better time to migrate to Azure Servers

Azure. Cloud For All

To be successful in the Cloud era, enterprises must have visibility/metrics and controls on every component to pinpoint issues efficiently, optimize and scale effectively, while having the assurance the security, compliance and polices are in place to ensure the velocity.


Develop and deploy where you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack.


Go quickly from concept to release with Azure data services and artificial intelligence, from image recognition to bot services.


Get unparalleled developer productivity with integrated tools from mobile DevOps to serverless computing.


Startups, governments, and 90 percent of Fortune 500s, Trust Azure for security & the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider.

Azure, The Only Consistent, Hybrid Cloud

Common Identity

Increase end-user productivity using Azure Active Directory for single sign-on to both cloud and on-premises applications.

Unified Cloud Platform

Go beyond connecting your datacenter to the cloud. Ensure your on-premises and cloud environments work consistently across your entire organization. Increase developer productivity with a common approach to building applications and the flexibility to deploy those apps in the cloud or on premises with Azure Stack.

Data Platform

Use virtually bottomless, lower-cost cloud storage—without code changes to your existing applications and keeping your data securely encrypted. Migrate your SQL Server-based applications to the cloud with zero downtime using Azure SQL Database.

Security and Management

Gain visibility and control with built-in management and security solutions across your cloud and on-premises environment. Detect and respond to threats faster with Azure Security Center. Enable Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery to help protect against any cloud or on-premises data loss.

The Cloud for Intelligent Solutions

In addition to having the traditional on-premises enterprise data tools—such as SQL Server—Azure provides SQL services that connects data to AI services

This enables quick adoption of technologies, such as deploying a global mobile application that integrates with facial recognition services

From bot frameworks to cognitive services, you can fundamentally change the way your business goes to market with Microsoft’s power AI platform

Built-in Security and Management in Azure

Azure gives you an enterprise grade management capabilities built-in to the platform – all services and resources together in a single, easy-to-use portal. You can create dashboards, use the friendly search and intuitive menus, quick start resource templates, and more.

 A single platform, you get integrated and interconnected tools and data, with unified metrics and alerts across your services. So you don’t have to go to different portals with different datasets.

Using out-of-the-box tools (like Azure Advisor, Azure Service Health, and Cost Management + Billing), you can optimize and right-size your investment and get personalized recommendations to enhance your experience.

More certifications than any cloud provider

Azure’s strengths are around security, privacy, and transparency around how the cloud is run.

Compliance and trust is not an afterthought at Microsoft. As a leaders in this space, they help set standards for global and federal organizations around the world.

a sample of Microsoft compliance certifications

To successfully move to the cloud, organizations need to craft a migration strategy, assess risks and plan for surprises.

Cloud migration issues, such as unexpected costs, interoperability, security gaps and unanticipated application rework, can create significant obstacles.

To help smooth a frequently bumpy path, organizations need to craft a well-thought-out migration strategy.

The Lowest Risk Path to the Cloud

Azure Workshop

Duration: 2 Hours

What We Do

Identify business and IT requirements, priorities and constraints

What You Receive
  • Business recommendations
  • Azure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Value to Your Business

Migration Plan

Duration: Variable

What We Do
  • Assess your current IT environment architecture, and portfolio of applications
  • Identify apps to migrate and those requiring refactoring
  • Quantify ROI of migration for business case
What You Receive

Receive recommendations, ROI, and detailed migration plan for your business case

Proof of Concept

Duration: 5 Days to 2 Months

What We Do

Participate in a Proof of Concept


What You Receive

Proof workloads can be migrated without disruption


Duration: Depends on Project

What We Do

Participate in a seamless cloud migration

What You Receive
  • Migrated workloads
  • Optimized environment
  • Cost savings
  • Increased productivity

Accelerate your  Azure migration initiatives with ECF Data skilled migration expertise

ECF Data can help you drive migration initiatives and also manage your resources once they’re in Azure.

ECF Data Services Covers

  • Project Management
  • Technical Consulting
  • Execution

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